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It Truly Is A Hard Life If You Want To Buy This …

Look, I love Freddie Mercury.

I love the song – and video – this outfit comes from.

And I certainly love the story behind why he wore this outfit to his godson’s birthday.

Especially as when I posted about it, Mack – Queen’s producer – and his son, the godson in question, got in touch with me about it.

But as much as my fashion sense is that of a blind caveman and I have a big birthday fast approaching – so big that I will be at the age where I should basically not give a shit about absolutely anything – even I would not buy or wear any version of that outfit that is currently available via a Facebook retailer which begs the questions:

Who would?

And why?

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Now I know what to get you for your birthday.

Comment by Bazza

Something tells me he will be getting a lot of these as presents.

Comment by George

I believe this post, coming after his birthday announcement, is known as a strategic misstep.

Comment by Pete

Can’t you guys see that he’s posting his birthday list over the next week and making you feel you’re getting one over on him when you part with your “hard-earned cash” (citation needed)?

Comment by John

why would he change the habit of a fucking lifetime?

Comment by andy@cynic

It is amusing to read you would not wear this top when I have seen you wear much worse. The t-shirt with the chains immediately comes to mind.

Comment by George

There are many that are worse. I can’t remember the t-shirt you described but I will never forget the Fonz t-shirt he wore to a pitch that said, “heyyy, I just screwed your girlfriend”.

Comment by Pete

Thank you for reminding me.

Comment by George

So they didn’t have it inyour size then?

Comment by John

youve worn a fuckton worse campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Someone has a present in the post.

Comment by DH

you are an opinionated sod.

Comment by Nawaz

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