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Why My Wife Is Perfect For Me …
October 3, 2019, 6:15 am
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A few weeks ago, the lovely Leigh – a planner I worked with at Deutsch LA – came to London.

It was wonderful to see her and we caught up on a bunch of gossip.

As normal, I took an instagram of her and titled it,

“Everyone in the restaurant is wondering what the hell she is doing with me”.

Sure, it was a bit self-depreciating, but it also was true.

Or at least it felt that way to me.

However, later in the evening when I checked the post, I saw my wonderful wife Jill had left a comment that managed to both add and remove various paranoia of mine with a comment so evil genius, that it makes me want to marry her all over again.

Nice one Jill … ignoring the fact way too many friends liked it.

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Jill for the win.

Comment by Bazza

except for the fact she married the old prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

This post answers 2 questions that I think many people who come hear had feared.

Good news. Jill has not been brainwashed by you into loving you.
Bad news. Jill has not been brainwashed by you into loving you.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by Pete


Comment by andy@cynic

I have reached the age when going anywhere with my father, people assume I’m his younger second wife. Says more about his age than mine (probably).

Comment by Madonna Deverson

Well done Jill.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Jill sets the standard we all wish we could match.

Comment by Pete

This made my day when I saw it happen originally and has made my day when I saw the post. Thank you Jill.

Comment by George

Yeah yeah yeah. Take her side why don’t you.


Comment by Rob

Come on Robert, you don’t make it hard for us to do that.

Comment by George

You get off lightly based on the amount of shit you have put us all through over the years Rob.

Comment by Bazza

You are obviously a perfect match.

Comment by Lee Hill

nice work jill. should have kept your mouth shut though so he looked an even sadder bastard

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Cristian Mihai

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