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And So It Begins …

It seems literally a few months ago, since I wrote this post announcing Otis had come into the World, but this week, my little man starts school.

I’m not talking kindergarten – that he did in China, America and London – I mean proper school.

Reading … Writing … Arithmetic …

A journey that, in many ways, shapes and defines the future he is going to have.

I can’t believe it …

How did that happen so fast?

I’ve written it before, but seeing your kid grow up is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a curse because they’re moments in their development where you just want them to stay exactly as they are.

When they are totally reliant on your love.

When they start using sounds to express how they’re feeling.

When you see them experience proper food for the first time.

When they start crawling and edge their way towards you.

Those first few words.

The first conversation.

The first steps.

At every stage, you want that moment to last forever but let it go because as they enter a new phase, there are even more new wonderful things you encounter.

It’s a fast moving train you both want to stop and to keep going exactly as it is.

And this week, the train finds another gear as Otis enters formal education.

I’ve written a lot about my views on this and how I am vehemently opposed to private education.

I don’t believe it should be a profit centre.

I do believe governments should be funding it because ultimately, it’s the foundation for the countries strength and health.

And while I know the school Otis starts tomorrow won’t be the school he finishes in – as we have bought our family home in a totally different area – I do know we intend to let him finally have a place he can feel settled in … a place where he can truly belong … because his Mum and I would like nothing more than him to meet friends that will be there throughout his life.

Like his Dad had with Paul, who are the kids in the picture at the top of this post.

So all that leaves me to say is this …

Enjoy your new adventure Otis.

Your Mum and Dad are so proud for the little boy you are.

And so excited for who you will become.

Love you.

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I love the way you can articulate your love for your loved ones, Rob

I dropped my little girl off to nursery for her last day before she starts big school in a few weeks… it is so heart wrenching.

I hope Otis loves his first day

Nicola x

Comment by Nicola Daniel

Thank you Nicola, it’s certainly an adventure. I must admit I am entering it with some trepidation. I had a good school experience, but I also know it is packed with rabbit holes and dangerous moments so I hope we have taught him enough in how to deal with it rather than submit to it. Though at 4 and a half, I am probably showing my anxious ‘older parent’ side right now, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Brilliant photo of you and Paul. Dear Otis, remember you can’t possibly achieve lower grades than your dad and he turned out alright so relax and enjoy school and all it will give you.

Comment by George

That is a very good point George. In a backhanded compliment sort of way. Andy would be proud.

Comment by Rob

for fucking once.

Comment by andy@cynic

The cliche of kids growing fast is unfortunately true. There is a part of me that still believes my children are still children, despite that all of them are now married and one has a delightful boy of her own.

I still remember you telling me you were to become a father like it was yesterday. Enjoy these days Robert, they’re very special. Congratulations to you and Jill for helping Otis become such a happy child.

Comment by Lee Hill

I still can’t believe Rob found someone to marry him, let alone a great woman like Jill who was happy to have a kid with him. Born lucky.

Comment by Bazza

Thank you Lee, though it’s all Jill – obviously.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Pete

you know that fucker on the fyre festival doc that was ready to suck cock to get water delivered? well what jill did marrying campbell is a thousand times fucking worse. fact.

Comment by andy@cynic

Are you wearing sandals in that top photo?

Comment by Bazza

Apparently so. But not Birkenstocks ….

I was a deprived child. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

That doesn’t make it better.

Comment by Bazza


Jemma xo

Comment by Jemma King

Don’t dress Otis like you on his first day.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Hey, it could be worse – imagine if I didn’t have a uniform and could wear whatever it was I liked. THEN that would be a true nightmare.

Comment by Rob

How did that happen so quickly?

Have a great first day Otis, you will kill it.

Comment by Pete

As I’m all about the positivity, I’ll just point out that n a couple of weeks Otis will be able to help you with your arithmetic.

Comment by John

at least your school photo set you up for disappointment campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

And sandals.

Comment by DH

You softy Rob.
Have fun Otis.

Comment by DH

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