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If You Thought My Love Of Queen Was Waning …

I love Queen.

Or more specifically, I love early Queen.

I can just about stretch to 1984 – after that, I accept their choices and output became rather questionable.

OK, so I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them with Adam Lambert leading the stage, but from a musical point of view, it’s fair to say their best days are definitely numbered, but then at 70+ years of age, who can blame them.

That said, Brian May is still someone very special to me.

He basically made me pick up the guitar.

He gave me the desire to learn, the hunger to keep practicing and the confidence to play in bands and gigs all around the World.

Since those early days, I have done a lot of playing.

And bought a lot of guitars.

Classics. Custom made. Cheap as chips.

And while the closest I ever got to his handmade Red Special was a pretty dodgy Gordon Smith back in 1984, I’ve always thought about getting a custom made one of his.

I never did it for a few reasons.

I always thought it was a bit sad to have a guitar so synonymous with someone so famous and – frankly, with the amount of guitars I own – I couldn’t justify it.

But a couple of weeks ago, I accepted owning one is not going to make me any sadder than I already am so while my chops are a fraction of what they were when it was my life and my job, I took the plunge and last week, all my Brian May fantasies came true once and for all.

It might not make me play like him.

It might not even make me sound like him.

But it makes me feel insanely happy and has me playing guitar more than I have in years.

Now all I need is a poodle perm. Oh, and some hair.

Thank you Mr May. Again.

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The few times I’ve heard you play you have been really really good. I was so disappointed. Thankfully you bought this guitar so Jill, Otis and your bank manager can be disappointed for me.

Comment by Bazza

The delightful fools are quite happy for me.
Whether the neighbours are is another thing all together.

Comment by Rob

For someone who literally can’t t wait for the things he wants, thus shoes remarkable restraint. Congratulations Robert. You’re (eventually) learning. Enjoy upsetting the neighbors with your extra loud playing.

Comment by George

I know … it is the longest I’ve waited for pretty much anything in my life. Except for Angelina Jolie to admit her undying love for me. And yes, the neighbours are thrilled with my new purchase. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

So your hero is an old age pensioner who couldn’t afford to buy a guitar and stubbornly sticks to his look? Explains everything.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I know how happy this will make you Robert so enjoy it.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Well at least Otis will inherit guitars which are more useful and beautiful than wifi balls and dogs.

Comment by Pete

Unless I can get the dogs to throw the ball at the guitars and play songs. That would be cool.

Comment by Rob

That would not be cool.

Comment by DH

You define loyalty Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

I misread waning.

Comment by john

campbell, you are the saddest fucker ive ever known.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

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