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What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Lots Of Brands …
June 10, 2019, 6:15 am
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I’m back and I survived.

Not sure if Portland did, but I am fine and that’s all that matters.

And yes, I can be a little prince because it’s my birthday in 2 days time so I can act anyway I choose.


But before I write a sycophantic birthday post, let’s get to writing some rubbish loosely-based planning post instead.

The holy grail for brands is to have someone only buy their brand.

Doesn’t matter about price.

Doesn’t matter about features.

Doesn’t matter about availability.

A loyal person is a blindly blinkered person.

Of course it’s all bollocks because people buy a bunch of brands … and while they may have their preferred choice – emotionally or commercially – they rarely limit themselves to just one name.

It does happen … such as Yorkshire Tea for example, or – errrrm – Birkenstocks … but it’s not as often as many marketers like to think.

So does this mean brand advertising is a waste of money?

Of course not.

Apart from the fact we are seeing more and more people make their choices on what a brand believes, the fact is there’s a shitload of choice out there and you better be one of the ones people are thinking about or associate strongly with in specific categories or you’re dead before you’re started.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with the point of this post because what I want to write about is this lady that I saw on the tube a couple of weeks ago.

Look at that drink in her hand …

Starbucks cup.

In a Prêt sleeve.

That contains a tea bag from god knows where.

I have to be honest, I would love to know which of those 3 came first.

Is she a recycler?

Is she a hoarder?

Is she just weird?

Whatever the answer, while many may say she is brand disloyal … she might just actually be one of the most brand loyal people on the planet.

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She’s none of those things Rob, she’s a cheapass with the same level of bad taste as you.

Comment by Bazza

A little harsh. Confused beverage is not as bad as confused fashion, music or gadgets.

Comment by DH

You’re up late David.

Comment by Pete

I’m in Seattle. I’m not sure why.

Comment by DH

Seattle? I know what you’re there … is it on?

Comment by Rob

no one is as bad as fucking campbell in taste. even a fucking pedo comedian at a bar mitzvah would be more welcome than that fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think that is an insult too far … it’s only a multi coffee/tea mash-up, not a fashion disaster.

Comment by Rob

Good post Rob. Brand is very important but only the very privileged or the very stupid would live their life where they only give their money to one brand per category. Ironically this is why brand is so important for companies to invest in but it seems the pressure of the market means they are only focused on today.

Comment by Pete

Sums Rob up nicely. LOL.

Comment by DH

Thanks a lot Dave.

Comment by Rob

I agree Pete … brand marketing is arguably more important today than it has ever been, but – as you say – brand managers seem to want to keep reaping what their predecessors sowed rather than doing any planting for the future themselves.

Bit like politicians … why do anything that you can’t take the credit for. Pretty pathetic really.

Comment by Rob

fucking yawwwwwwwn.

Comment by andy@cynic

She’s indifferent to brand, she only cares about function.

Comment by John

you fucking pervert stalker campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Easing in to your insults this week?

Comment by DH

Hi Rob,

Nice little social observation there!

This could very well be someone who is desperately trying to make their consumer choice fit with their values in a changing world with mounting environmental challenges.

Many brands are simply not keeping up with what environmentally conscious consumers are looking for in their product choices…Starbucks (and others) give you 25p off if you bring your own cup, however, in most of these outlets there is no option recycle their take-away cups and plastic lids….so perhaps this is an attempt to at least make a second use out of a single use cup and holder??

…or perhaps it is the opposite and she has bought one of their reusable travel cups that are designed to look like their single use cups.


Comment by Alexandra Clark

Alexandra has not been here before. Her response is much too sensible.

Comment by DH

Lucky her.

Comment by Bazza

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