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Happy Birthday My Wonderful One …
December 11, 2017, 6:15 am
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So this is the last week of posts for 2017 so prepare for a bunch of sentimental claptrap as the week continues. Sorry, I mean ‘even more’ sentimental claptrap.But today I am talking about something else.

Something that continues to be one of the best and most amazing parts of my life.

I’m talking about my son Otis, who today hits his 3rd birthday today.


How is that possible?

And yet it is and I’m both thrilled and petrified about it.

Thrilled because he is the most wonderful little boy I could ever hope to know and petrified because – as the cliche goes – he is growing up so, so, so fast.

I can remember everything about the day he decided to come out and say hello.

From the moment Jill woke up at 2am feeling ‘funny’ to seeing his face at 6:27pm.

Up until his birth, he was about 7 days past the due date and a part of me that was very happy about that fact.Not because I didn’t want to meet him, but if he was born on the 12th December, our medical insurance would have clicked over for another year and all the costs associated with his delivery would be covered.

Of course he came out 5 hours 33 minutes too early for that to happen … proving that even before he was a minute old, he had the same annoying, cheeky-bastard traits of his father.

And yet, despite having just cost his Mum and Dad thousands of dollars by being born on the 11th, he has only filled our lives with happiness, excitement, joy and love.

And I mean filled.

To the point of overflowing.

This little boy is a delight.

He’s funny, kind, compassionate, curious, mischievous and loving.

He is everything I could ever have hoped to have in a child and a ton more besides.

I am incredibly proud to be his Father and hope he will feel the same way for all his life.

So with that, I want to say something to him that he can look back on whenever he faces trials and tribulations in his life.

My Dearest Otis.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and your Mum.

You make everything worth while.

The late nights, the early mornings, the decisions we made focused around your needs.


So much has happened in the last 12 months and yet you have taken it all in your stride.

Your Mum and Dad are under no illusion how challenging this must have felt and yet you remained happy and open to all that is around you and we are in awe of the way you have coped with it all.

We will continue to do all we can to equip you with the skills and knowledge to handle whatever life throws at you and all we ask in return is you stay as cheeky, curious and happy as you are. Be safe knowing there are lots of people around the world looking out for you and we will always support you in the things that excite you and move you and will love you, regardless of what trouble you cause us ahead.

But don’t push it too far …

Happy birthday my dearest little boy.

Oh what a treasure you are.

Mummy and Daddy [and Rosie]


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happy birthday otis. i would love it if you stiffed your dad by having him buy you a really big and expensive present, but youve already got the best gift. 2 parents who fucking adore you. and so they should, youre a brilliant little guy. have a great day otis and see you soon.

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy birthday Otis. You’ve done more in your last 3 years than I’ve managed in 20.

Comment by DH

Happy birthday beautiful little boy.
May you have the most special of days.
Love from all of us in San Francisco.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Tidy your room.

Comment by John

Not the most kindest birrhday greeting I’ve seen given to a 3 year old little boy, John.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m assuming he won’t read this for at least a decade.

Comment by John

most kindest? what the fuck has happened to you?

Comment by andy@cynic

My editing skills require work.

Comment by Lee Hill

Happy birthday Otis. It’s a joy to watch you grow and explore life.

Comment by Lee Hill

HBD. You’re the best thing your dad has ever done.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Happy birthday Otis. You’re perfect.
Big big hugs and kisses to you.

Jemma xo

Comment by Jemma King

Happy birthday little fella. Keep your dad on his toes.

Comment by George

Happy birthday Otis. Hope you had a great day and we’re spoilt endlessly. Knowing your Dad, I am sure you were.

Comment by Pete

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