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James Blunt Might Be Becoming My New Hero …

I know … I know … I really did write that blog post header.

And yes, I really am talking about James Blunt, the man that can make a choir on Songs Of Praise [is that still going] look like Black Sabbath in their prime.

But don’t forget, this is a guy who is disarmingly self aware.

A guy who uses his self-depreciation to turn you from a hater into a fan.

OK, not a fan of his music but – as I wrote here – a fan of who he is.

And recently I saw something that just makes me like him more …

Yep, that’s James Blunt on Tinder.

A man who people think has got laid more than a $2 crack whore in a room of drunk and horny jocks.

OK, so getting laid a lot is part of the ‘rock star’ cliche, but I still find this move to be brilliant.

Not just because he has found a way to make money from his perception.

Not just because he partnered with platform that is the epitome of his perception.

But because he has shown that when you deal with the commentary others have about you directly, you don’t just rob them of their ammunition, you give yourself a chance to change that perception.

I’ve talked about this a lot – I called it the 8-Mile strategy, after the Eminem movie, specifically the end rap battle at 6 minutes 40 seconds – but it’s also something else I wrote about.

The power of unplanned planning.

Unplanned is where a brand speaks in seemingly obvious terms.

Not in terms of what they do, but in terms of what people think you do.

For example, when Scalextric – the model car racing brand – embraced the perception the only reason men want their little boys playing with Scalextric is because it gives them an excuse to play it for themselves.

Did you click on the link?

Seriously, you should – it not only demonstrates what I’m blathering on about, it’s a great ad.

Great because it’s funny. Great because it’s relatable. Great because it doesn’t fall into marketing bullshit.

Can you tell I really, really like it?

So why do I think this approach works when the industry is seemingly so obsessed with talking about bigger purpose stuff?

Because in my opinion, it’s easier to nudge people’s perception of you if you talk in the context of how they already view you rather than spending millions trying to convince them that who you are is totally different to what they believe or are willing to accept.

It is, in some ways, the ultimate demonstration of honesty.

A lot of brands could learn from that.

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in a competition between you and james fucking blunt about who is the least shit, blunt won by a landslide.

Comment by andy@cynic

There would be no competition.

Comment by DH

Thank god you don’t work for the samaritans.

Comment by Rob

you know this kills me campbell, but that scalextric spot sums up the excitement mother brought to adland when they started. cheeky as fuck. punkish. raw but smart as shit. then they started acting like a 50s stay at home parent. more disappointing than the iphone 8 and thats fucking depressing.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob demonstrating the most obvious humble brag in humble bragging history.

Comment by DH

What does Jill think of you browsing Tinder?

Comment by John

if it keeps him busy i bet she fucking loves it.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s not like I’m cruising for hook-ups, it’s part of the research thing I’ve been doing for years. But thanks for trying to make it sound like a Daily Mail expose.

Comment by Rob

to be fair to campbell, if he was trying to be a sleaze fuckbucket he would have to do his bollocks on blindanddeaftinder.

Comment by andy@cynic

James Blunt pretending to be a Tinder rep in a post about honesty. Ummm….

Comment by DH

That’s a good point. Damn.

Comment by Rob

Some planner you are.

Comment by DH

Jill is a saint. Tinder is also more civilised than talking to prostitures.

Comment by George

I’ve experienced neither myself, so I’m grateful for your insight George..

Comment by John

when campbell and auntie george have been more interesting than you, its time to take a long, hard fucking look at yourself.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

Definition of lame. A blog bigtalking James Blunt.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I love the scalextric ad. Hysterical.

Comment by Lee Hill

I like James Blunt a lot more than I like James Blunts music.

Comment by Pete

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