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To My Beloved Otis. Always Run Towards Happiness ….

Following on from yesterday’s post, I want to talk about the dismay I feel about the Australian government asking for a referendum on whether gay marriage is acceptable.

What offends me even more than the fact this shouldn’t even be an issue is that when there are issues that should have input from the nation – from immigration to military intervention – the decisions are made without any level of consultation.

It makes absolutely no sense, unless the government think gay marriage is more dangerous than defending Australia’s shores.

Actually, they probably think it is.

One of the reasons this issue bothers me is that on top of everything else, my son Otis has an Australian passport.

OK, he also has a British and Canadian one … but should he wish to settle in Australia when he’s older, I want him to have all the rights heterosexuals have, which is why I hope, should he ever need reassurance, he see’s this message that I wrote about marriage equality a while back and knows his Mum and Dad love him and will always support him in his quest for happiness and fulfillment.


australia. please put your fucking watches back 20 years.

Comment by andy@cynic

If this block to gay marriage happens, it will be 100 years.

Comment by Rob

nice campbell. gay or not, otis has already made you look better than you ever fucking have.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yep. Definitely.

Comment by Rob

And when he comes up to you and tells you that Queen are not to his taste?

Comment by John

He can be gay but he has to hide his music and football choices.

Comment by DH

I’ll deal with that situation when/if it happens. Even contemplating the possibility gives me anxiety.

Comment by Rob

dont worry otis, i wont let your dad fuck you up any more than he dad privileges allow him to.

Comment by andy@cynic

How can the Australian government be so stupid? You are a fantastic daddy to that beautiful boy. He is growing so fast.

Comment by Katerina

I see you’re still delusional about Rob then Kat?

Comment by DH

Thanks Kat. Miss you ….

And yes, so fast. It’s amazing and terrifying at the same time. But mainly just utterly wonderful.

Comment by Rob

3 passports. That’s just showing off.

Comment by DH

I know. But apart from a British passport has lost a lot of it’s esteem because of Brexit, both Canada and Australia are still part of the Commonwealth so instead of 3 he’s basically got one giant passport.

Comment by Rob

Is Otis running towards happiness or away from you?

Comment by Billy Whizz

isnt that fucking obvious?

Comment by andy@cynic

I find it impossible to fathom why the Australian authorities are putting barriers around marriage equality. For a progressive nation, this is unquestionably small minded. As for your message to Otis. It is the act of a very loving father. He is a lucky boy.

Comment by George

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