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The Joy Of Age …

Growing older is a pain-in-the ass.

Even if your mind is still young and active, your body is losing its energy and gaining a bunch of aches and pains.

Is it any wonder so many people spend so much money trying to pointlessly fight it?

But there are some advantages to age.

One of them is not giving a fuck anymore.

I don’t mean that in the sense of not caring about people or progress or learning. I mean it in the sense of realising how little of the stuff we passionately believe are important are actually important.

And to me, this is enlightening and liberating all at the same time.

It enables you to see what can actually change stuff.

What can actually make a difference.

Of course, being old doesn’t automatically mean you have this ability – just like being young doesn’t automatically disqualify you from having this ability – but without doubt, experience gives you an ability to see through the clutter and bullshit and that is most definitely a gift.

Over the years I’ve written this blog, one person I’ve constantly referenced is Sir Ken Robinson … more specifically, his incredible TedTalk about creativity.

One of the reasons I love it so much is that he helps us see all the layers of bullshit we have added to the education system.

Layers that ironically undermine kids ability to learn rather than enhance it.

Well recently I saw another speech that asks us to question stuff.

Stuff we think is important but could be more of a hinderance.

However instead of coming from a very funny academic, it comes from a very funny comedian.

John Cleese.

Now of course this shouldn’t come as a surprise because as I wrote a long time ago, comedians have incredible insight, however what Cleese offers is more than that … he challenges us to consider how much we undermine our potential by allowing things we think are important to interfere with the things that really are.

And while this brilliant stream of consciousness explains the importance of clarity and creativity, he gives us something more than that.

He reminds us that getting old might not be as bad as we may often think.

As long as we live a life of experiences rather than comfort.

Which is another lesson worth remembering.

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Fantastic Robert. This should be in your book.

Comment by George

I feel that I should add I have never felt age has stopped you expressing how you really felt about any situation.

Comment by George

Are you saying the most immature man in the world is the most mature?

Comment by DH

I wonder what Cleese ex wife would say about this?

Comment by DH


Comment by George

He said she wasn’t worth the divorce settlement she was granted.

Comment by Pete

Oh yes. I remember that.

Comment by George

A lesson worth remembering if you weren’t so old that you can’t remember anything.

Comment by DH

I still prefer Sir Ken, but this is good.

Comment by Pete

I agree with George, this should go in your book. Even without the John Cleese clip it is an excellent read.

Comment by Lee Hill

He talked about the negative effect on creativity of working up to deadlines – what could agencies learn from that?

Comment by John

This is the best thing he’s done in years.

Comment by Bazza

I was talking about John Cleese but it also applies to Rob.

Comment by Bazza

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