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Can Anyone Miss Home This Much?

Despite being half Italian, I identify myself as British.

And I love my country.

I do.

I know I don’t live there, but it is still somewhere very precious to me, both for my memories and my friends.

My Britishness affects quite a lot of what I do and how I do it.

Even to this day, if I see ‘bangers and mash’ on a menu, I’m going to have it.

It doesn’t matter if I’m in London, Shanghai or Vietnam … it’s going to go into my gob.

And when I do go home, I absolutely adore stocking up on old favourites.

Monster Munch crisps.

Double Decker chocolate bars.

Kebab Cob Special from Nick the Greeks on Radcliffe Road.

Of course it’s not just food that makes me feel British, but I mention this because I recently got served this ad on Facebook.

Look, I get how nostalgic food can make you feel.

And yes, I appreciate how irrational our emotions can be.

But seriously, who the hell would be nostalgic for beef stock cubes.

Especially pretty shitty beef stock cubes.

Suddenly I don’t feel anywhere near as sad as I thought I was.


PS: If you want to get a taste for British regional ‘cuisine’ – as well as good old fashioned banter – check out the comments in this awesome article about the Wigan ‘pie sandwich’.

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I’m still in disbelief about the Wigan pie sandwich.

Comment by George


Comment by DH

Look at you being all sophisticated. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I’d never seen you eat chips, mushy peas and gravy on multiple occasions.

Comment by Rob

I am ashamed to admit I have tried a Wigan pie sandwich and I enjoyed it. Though the experience is never to be repeated.

As for the Oxo cubes, I agree with you Robert. But maybe you need more time, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by DH

As Dave said, total respect. Even I haven’t tried that – but mainly because I only heard about it recently.

Comment by Rob

My stomach failed to respect my feat.

Comment by Lee Hill

If Northern hasn’t had a wigan pie sandwich then he should be banned from using the name Northern. This may explain why he turned down working for us when we were all at cynic. Or it could be he had higher standards than we expected.

Comment by DH

Excellent point. So Northern … will you admit to Northern or have to refer to yourself as Andrew from here on in?

Comment by Rob

Do you want to know what I identify you as?

Comment by John

Just reading this has given me chronic indiegestion.

Comment by Pete

I knew limey food was bad but that’s fucked up.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Says the man from the country who has this:

At least a Wigan Pie Sandwich is only a mild heart attack.

Comment by Rob

You mean your future home Rob.

Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

If you haven’t already, try the bangers and mash at The Camel. Used to be pretty good.

Comment by Ian Gee

I have and they weren’t bad mate. Weren’t bad at all.

Comment by Rob

I do miss home, but I’ve learnt that hanging onto the past and ‘what used to be’ can only lead to remorse and sadness.

Comment by Mr. Cool

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