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Is Women’s Day In Danger Of Becoming Earth Hour?

Let me start by saying that Women’s Day – and Earth Hour – shine a light on very serious issues.

Issues that should be on top of everyones mind without the need for a reminder.

I also want to say that I appreciate everything has to start from somewhere – but I’m genuinely concerned that Women’s Day will end up going the same way as Earth Hour … where society thinks if they engage on the day, then they’ve done all they need to do for the rest of the year.

I’ve written about this in the past.

While this approach is a great way to ignite a social debate about very serious issues, they often end up – at best – only having a 24 hour impact or, at worst, becoming a superficial celebration of a specific day.

Earth Hour have struggled to combat this … as demonstrated by them adding ‘+’ symbol to their logo … but it will take more than that to maintain an interest for the general population.

But at least Earth Hour has been interpreted by society as a commitment to helping the environment, because I’m not sure the same level of clarity can be said of Women’s Day.

Just recently I heard of a company who honoured the females in their company with a range of gifts consisting of an oven, a quilt and a set of pots and pans to name but a few.

I know for a fact they didn’t mean it to be offensive … quite the opposite … but this highlights how many people/companies have totally misunderstood what Women’s Day is actually about and why it is important.

To further highlight the issue, I heard that some guys wanted to start a ‘Man’s Day’.

These were intelligent, Worldly men – not Neanderthals – and if you spoke to them about equality, they’d be passionately behind it, and yet they didn’t see how their suggestion would completely undermine the importance of this day for the females in their company.

And that’s my worry.

Because equality is a fucking important thing.

Something that requires more than a day of awareness … but if that is the route we need to go down to try and ensure the debate is not allowed to be placed in the shadows, then we must at least ensure the purpose of the day is clear because frankly, while it’s fun that Burger King renamed their Shanghai store for the day, it means little if the only reason they did it was for superficial topicality.

I’m not saying that’s why they did it, but momentarily changing your brand name or giving out gender reinforcing gifts highlights that the real purpose of Women’s Day could be in danger of becoming as superficial as adding a Q&A element to the Ms World competition.

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Isn’t Burger Queen a long term thing for them?

Comment by DH

dont know about that but fucking obesity is. thats not a fucking criticism, i like their obesity.

Comment by andy@cynic

Has it? I’ve had a look and I can’t find anything.

Good on them if it is … well, dependent on what that is.

Comment by Rob

But I agree with the point you’re making, which scares me.

Comment by DH

To be clear, agreeing with you scares me.

Comment by DH

I’ll remember this day forever.

Comment by Rob

Is that because your life is so empty?

Comment by DH

Apart from this comment, I won’t say another word until I hear what Mary thinks.

Comment by Pete

Robert did well. But the problem has never been with people like Robert, but the men who give their female staff sexist products and expect to be thanked for it.

Comment by Mary Bryant

I wonder if the person responsible for the choice of gifts is in a relationship? I wonder if they would give any of those gifts to their partner?

Comment by Pete

If they did, they wouldn’t be around the following year to do it again.

Comment by DH

well fucking said mary. and lets not forget the time your husband made a fucking sexist decision involving a birthday cake. never did that again did he. nice fucking work.

Comment by andy@cynic

And you wonder why you rub people the wrong way Andy. Good point though, ha.

[Sorry Mary]

And to Mary’s point – and Pete’s – I know for a fact the people involved weren’t trying to insult anyone. As far as I know, they’re the opposite of that. But yes, their lack of awareness is scary … but I am sure they can be rehabilitated easily. I hope that happens. For their sake, let alone their female colleagues.

Comment by Rob

That said, my Dad – who was absolute gender equal [it was even part of his job] once bought my Mum some digital bathroom scales for Christmas.

Again, I know for a fact he didn’t want to insult her or insinuate anything … so lapses of sense can happen to the best of us – though in my Dad’s defence, that was 35 years ago, when gender bullshit was arguably even more rife. Or should I say, more overt.

He never made that mistake again. And it was a mistake. A daft one, but still a mistake.

Comment by Rob

I’m sorry but any man who argues for a Man’s Day is not what I’d call worldly or intelligent. If they were, they’d know that it already exists on November 19 and, more realistically, that it’s every other day save for Women’s Day.

Personally, I thought this year’s day got more attention than ever and, if some company provided cliched prizes that shows that the problem lies with them and not with Women’s Day.

Comment by John

if doddsy knows that shit is shit then any fucker should know. thats how bad they are. why arent you fucking naming and shaming campbell. wimp.

Comment by andy@cynic

Love you Robbie.

Comment by Jemma King

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