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When You Can Tell A Company Has Lost It …

I’ve written a lot about GoPro.

I’ve bathed them in adoration … highlighting how they were born from their community, which enabled them to create communication that literally inspired the growth of their community, not to mention a whole new multi-billion dollar industry.

I’ve also written a bunch about how other brands simply don’t get it … like Kodak and Nikon.

So it absolutely breaks my heart that GoPro are fucking up.

I’m not just talking about their product issues – or their reluctance to innovate – but the one thing they used to do flawlessly.

Their ads.

Look at this …

OK, they’ve kept their ‘in the middle of the action’ imagery.

And yes, they’ve kept the message mercilessly short.

But look at it … that visual hardly screams ‘live action’ and that message is a perfect example of corporate blandom and passiveness.

However there is an even bigger question.

Why – just why – did GoPro walk away from their absolutely brilliant ‘Be A Hero’?

I honestly think that is one of the best lines since Just Do It and yet, within a few years, they’ve seemingly walked away from it and for what?

To keep things new and fresh?

If that’s what they think then they have utterly failed.

It might be new but it’s certainly not fresh.

‘Be A Hero’ was brilliant because it perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the brand and the people who use their products.

It was a line that could last a lifetime. I genuinely believe that.

This obsession with an annual ‘relaunch’ is ridiculous.

That isn’t how you build something … but it is certainly how you destroy it.

Look, I know end-lines don’t make a brand, but they do effect how culture views them.

I know some people don’t agree with that – thinking end lines are old hat – but my response is if NIKE walked away from Just Do It and replaced it with something like ‘Feel Amazing’, I’m pretty sure everyone would think they’ve lost their spirit and edge.

A bit like going from ‘Be A Hero’ to ‘Capture Different’.

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Suddenly things are looking up for Kodak and Nikon

Comment by Pete

Maybe they changed the line because even the most sycophantic employee couldn’t tell their boss they were a hero for opening a flask on a nature trail. Of course, Gopro could have changed the image and gone back to a time when their advertising was good. It appears they could not be bothered to put in the effort.

Comment by George

That image is from a member of the gopro community.
Makes it even worse.

Comment by DH

cant wait to see the fuckers trainspotting shots as their next ad.

Comment by andy@cynic

It also looks like this ad is meant to show the voice control of the H5.

Comment by DH

Gopro Hero 5. For nature watchers.
(Still better than “capture different.”

Comment by DH

You don’t think “capture different” is supposed to represent the voice command to the camera? #adfail

Comment by Pete

No … I think it’s just a really terrible bit of copy.

Comment by Rob

from gopro to fuck no. blame it on planners.

Comment by andy@cynic

A Kodak moment.

Comment by John

its not even fucking different. unless youre a fucking alien. twats.

Comment by andy@cynic

Looks like he’s having a wank with a silver pocket pussy.

Comment by Billy Whizz

i dont even want to think why you know this shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

I made the mistake of looking up what a pocket pussy was. I’ve now had to email Wieden IT to apologise for what they will see on my web activity. Thanks Billy. Thanks a lot. [But you’re right, it does]

Comment by Rob

You had to look it up? Yeah, right…

Comment by Billy Whizz

I heard a quote once that said “First the agency gets tired of the idea. Then the client. And the public last.”

This could be what’s happening here.

Comment by Parker Mason (@parkernow)

Good quote. And you could be right – especially if it’s a new agency or team working on things.

Comment by Rob

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