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Why You Should Never Ask Normal People To Act In A Video As A Normal Person …

As most of you know, I love car-crash internal videos.

I love them for so many reasons …

The ridiculousness of ego.

The appalling lack of judgement.

The desperation packaged as confidence.

While I’ve written about so many of these things over the years, my favourite has always been Singapore’s Media Development Authorities corporate snuff video.

Or it was until I saw this …

No, it’s not a spoof.

It’s actually meant to make working in the Australian Department of Finance look attractive.

Apparently it cost $4,000 … having looked at it, that’s still $3,995 too much.

What were they thinking?

OK, I get what they were thinking, but how did they think this was good enough to release?

Hell, they should have known it was going to be a pile of fucking awful the moment they saw the ‘script’.

But no …

And then there’s the decision to use the real employees in it.

I appreciate the attempt to make it authentic, but people can’t act being people.

Hell, even Keanu Reeves – a Hollywood actor – finds it hard to act being a person.

I get some intern may not realise the stupidity of agreeing to appear in something like this … but what about the senior guys? Unless they had a gun put against their head, they should have absolutely refused to do it.

Hell, if they were threatened with death, they should have taken that option because the embarrassment of appearing in something like this – or even working in a place that does something like this – is potentially career destroying.

All in all, this is going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

They could have saved it if they came out and said, “guess we should stick to working with the numbers that run the country, rather than act”, but no they’ve said nothing which means they might think this is really good.

Oh dear.

The lack of self-awareness within companies and organisations that supposedly understand or represent the masses is mind-blowing.

Worse, their lack of appreciation that everything you do say’s something about you to all who experience it is bordering on insanity.

But on the bright side, their blindness is my light.

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fucking hell.

Comment by andy@cynic

and you know poncy pear bread blondie thinks appearing in this will move her up the ladder. if she slept with every fucker who appears in it, it still wouldnt be as career tainting as this shit. at least she can blame being blonde, what the fuck is that guy that makes the shit “buddy” joke got as an excuse except hes a twat with no shame or taste. excellent post campbell. finally.

Comment by andy@cynic

Blondie is definitely banging her bosses.

Comment by Billy Whizz

You forgot to mention the leader who has to read her “script” off the iPad.

Comment by John


Comment by George

Was the $3985 of the $4000 budget spent on buying a drone for the opening shot?

Comment by DH

A drone would do that opening shot more smoothly so god knows what that $4000 was spent on. Unless they got themselves a new iphone with the budget and blew the rest on pear and banana bread and coffee cups obviously holding absolutely no coffee.

Comment by Rob

I’ve seen your drone work Mr DeMille and I’m not convinced.

Comment by John

campbell with a drone is only slightly less scary than Trump with the fucking nuclear codes.

Comment by andy@cynic

He uses it to film through his neighbours’ windows, through he will deny this.

Comment by John

if hes done that, i almost fucking respect him.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s rare and upsetting to say this, but I agree with everything you’ve said.

Comment by DH

That really is awful.

Comment by Lee Hill

Department of the freakily unnatural hand gestures.

Comment by John

That’s so bad it passes being good and heads straight to terrible.

Comment by Pete

Of course you like this, you love laughing at others humiliation. The only thing that beats it is when you have caused their humiliation.

Comment by Bazza

I’m just going to assume your memory of working with me means you miss working with me.

Comment by Rob

yeah baz must fucking rue the day he left you to go earn a fucking fortune in i-cupertino.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s been difficult Rob but I got through it.

Comment by Bazza

yeah, got through it after .5 seconds of leaving.

Comment by andy@cynic

While this cost ‘only’ $4,000 to make, it’s done about $4,000,000 worth of damage to the Department and the reputations of everyone involved.

Comment by Ian Gee

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