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Photoshop Kills Dreams …
August 10, 2016, 6:20 am
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So a while back, this photo hit the internet …

Yes, it’s shit singer Drake wearing a Nottingham Forest kit.

I was inundated by people sending the image to me, probably because I am the only sad bastard Forest fan I know.

At first I was kind of excited by it.

I loathe Drake with every fibre in my body, but there was something super cool in the fact he was in my teams shirt.

Of course I knew he knew fuck-all about us and the fact he was wearing it was more because we have the best logo of any football team in history than anything more meaningful, but it still felt surprisingly good.

Until I got sent this.


However, after the misguided and momentary disappointment died down, there were 2 things that struck me.

1. If I was wearing an utterly horrendous pink Juventus shirt, I’d want to be photoshopped out of it too. And I’m a man that wears Birkenstocks.

[Nottingham Related Fact: Juventus traditional ‘black and white stripe’ shirt was inspired by the kit of the oldest football club in the World … good old Notts County]

2. As alarming as Drake’s taste is – and that pink Juventus shirt means it is even worse than I imagined – I have to say it’s pleasing to know even he wouldn’t stoop so low as to wear a Derby County shirt.

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Just like all the most dangerous towns in England have the prettiest names, the worst teams have the prettiest kits.

Comment by DH

That actually is very insightful.

Some of the worst parts of Nottingham are called ‘The Meadows’ and ‘Hyson Green’ …

From now on, I will only look to live in places that have names like ‘Black Death Avenue’ or ‘Mugging Street’.

Comment by Rob

I think you moving in to any area turns it in to a bad area.

Comment by DH

Which also explains why that Juventus kit is horrible.

Comment by DH

Drake only aligns himself to brands that make him rich or make him look mean. Sadly Forest would do neither for him Robert. Good news. Your team won on Saturday.

Comment by George

They won again. It was a team in a league lower than them, but that must be their best start ever. Dare to dream Rob?

Comment by DH

2 divisions lower. Your point remains though.

Comment by George

Yes … but we won. And last Saturday, we won with a team made up of the average age being 21.8 years old. Things are looking up. Until they’re not.

Comment by Rob

isnt 21.8 the average age for being a grandparent in nottingham?

Comment by andy@cynic

fucking hell campbell, a new fucking low. and thats saying something.

Comment by andy@cynic

i fucking hate drake. i hated him even more when he did those t mobile ads and now i fucking despise him with that fucking shit awful juventus kit. they say the italians have style but the forget they also have taste that makes d trump look like armarni.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rappers don’t come from canada.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Is there some sort of tribal vendetta between Nottingham and Derby? Didn’t Clough manage them before Forest?

Comment by Ian Gee

Apart from being closest rivals, I seem to remember Clough saying he regretted leaving Derby which means the man who put Nottingham on the footballing map was always in love with their bitterest enemy. Am I correct Robert?

Comment by George

Oh Ian … the rivalry is intense. You’re right George, there is a bit of envy that while we won the cups, Derby won Clough’s heart … but it’s made worse by the fact his son also managed Derby and throughout the time they were at Forest, they still lived there too. But I’ll take the history. I can deal with that.

Comment by Rob

Saw ‘The Damned United’ on the telly the other night.

I was struck by the Derby ‘Rams’ logo on their shirts, and seem to remember that Forest also had a rather snazzy tree design about the same time.

That got me wondering whether Clough had anything to do with the graphics on his teams’ shirts? Was he an adman as well as a relentless self-promoter?

Comment by Ian Gee

Funny you should say that. Even though Clough didn’t arrive until the year after that logo [one of the finest in football, if you ask me] was introduced – 1974 – there are many who say he had a hand in it’s design. Which would mean he was even more amazing than people think he was.

Comment by Rob

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