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Never Trust A Brand That Talks About The Future …

Hello there.

Not that you asked, but yes – I did have a good birthday thank you very much.

I didn’t get anything stupid [which for me, means awesome] but it was lovely.

Jesus, how old do I sound!

Talking of old, I recently came across this …

Believe it or not, this photo is not all that old.

But what I love about it is that huge sticker declaring it to ‘never be obsolete’.

That’s some big claim.

It’s also a massive pile of bollocks.

Given the alleged breakthrough by Canadian company, D:Wave, all computers may soon be obsolete so for some company to suggest their 90’s PC Tower would be able to withstand decades of focused innovation and technological breakthrough is both massively misguided and massively misleading and anyone who fell for it deserves all they got.

But the other thing this photo did was remind me of the ‘stickers’.

Oh my god, back in the day, every computer had them.

Little logos explaining either what the machine claimed to do or the manufacturer of some of its components.

And people fell for it, because we didn’t know better and we were looking for some reassurance we weren’t being taken for a ride.

Even when they put a massive fucking sticker on it claiming ‘NEVER OBSOLETE’.

God we were gullible fools weren’t we and while I’d hope we have got past that, the fact is I know we haven’t.

Sure, the tech industry have started moving away from sticker pollution, but there’s a whole host of brands in a whole host of categories that have started taking it on. Just look at any car ad these days and it seems they have more logos on the page than words… which is why it seems this video is the perfect way to sign off this post.

Microsoft may no longer as bad as they once were, but it seems a lot of brands are still forgetting that confidence in your product is about what you don’t say, rather than what you do. By all means use channels to explain the benefits of your product … hell, you can even talk about who has been part of it’s development … but when it comes to the actual product, be focused and make it glorious.

I will go and lie down now.

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You’ve written this many words about a sticker? A new low of planner gobshitedness.

Comment by DH

yes. a fucking sticker. his 46th year of life looks like being a fucking stellar one of shit for the rest of us.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Comment by Rob

And you make it worse by buying it all. You’re just encouraging them.

Comment by DH

if you got fuck all it would still be more than you deserved

Comment by andy@cynic

He got rain and a broken phone apparently.

Comment by John

least he fucking deserves and hell con baz into getting a fucking iphone 12 or something. mark my fucking words.

Comment by andy@cynic

I did. And Otis was sick. But I still had a wonderful day because all of you bitching about me also sent me lovely messages/calls/presents. Sucked in.

Comment by Rob

I hope you had a great birthday Robert. It was wonderful to catch up and I agree with you, stickers show insecurities rather than confidence.

Comment by George

Me too matey.
Same thing applies to people who put all the awards they’ve won in their name. I get it’s a competitive world and you want to stand out, but some of them need to realise that standing out for the wrong reasons is not a good thing for their credibility.

Comment by Rob

Belated birthday greetings Robert. I trust you had an excellent day and Otis is better now. Good point about the sticker madness, but it worked, it played a huge part in Intel’s success.

Comment by Lee Hill

So you’re basically saying he made a good point that had the slight weakness of being wrong in the category he chose to highlight. Masterfully done.

Comment by John

My defense is it was his birthday and it was important to be kind. It may also have been my stupidity.

Comment by Lee Hill

I think you were very kind to him.

Comment by John

I remember that video. So so accurate.
One careful sticker with the key point on, fair enough. Sticker madness? Ridiculous.

Even now many TV’s come with tonnes of stickers – or a couple of huge ones. Would be an interesting place for a brand to do something different though… just a sticker that says “This TV kicks ass”

Comment by Rob (other one)

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