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Kodak Moments …
May 18, 2016, 6:20 am
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I was recently looking through my Flickr account – casually browsing through images – when I came across 2 photos that stopped me in my tracks.

Not because they were anything dramatic, but because they highlighted 2 moments in my life that were emotionally, very special.

The first is this one.

That’s my Mum. In Singapore. Attempting to eat edamame beans with chopsticks.

She found it difficult, but she persisted, even though it meant every meal took an age to finish … especially when she had rice. Ha.

I believe this was her first time to Singapore and her first time meeting her not yet official, daughter-in-law.

She loved both.

I also remember that I picked her up from the airport, introduced her to Jill then had to get on a plane to South Korea for some bullshit meeting I had to attend. Both ladies forgave me, probably because they had a better time without me.

I look at that photo and my Mum looks so young.

I don’t mean by a few years, I mean by decades. Because it’s less about how she looks and more about the spirit she has in the photo.

A bit silly. A lot happy. Pleased to be together with me and see the life I was starting to create for myself.

I would give anything to have this moment again, but having not realised I had this photograph, I guess in some ways, I am.

The other photo is this.

It was taken in 2006 in New York.

We had just come from Memphis, because I’d taken Jill to see Graceland for her 30th birthday.

She loved Elvis. Still does. Her first ever tattoo was his name on her wrist.

It was also the World Cup … and I remember saying to Jill that I didn’t want to go round Elvis’ house a second time – even though I found it fascinating – because England were going to be playing the USA.

She didn’t mind, mainly because it meant she could stay longer with her true love without me being there as the third wheel.

Anyway, I remember this photo was taken on our first night in NYC.

We only were there because we had to wait 2 hours for a table at Serendipity.

I also remember this loud woman on the next table to us being in awe of our pizza. Both in terms of size and smell.

She was right … which is why we took this photo to make sure we captured the bloody enormous scale of this delicious pizza.

And my beautiful wife-to-be. Even though that was still over a year from happening.

It was an awesome night and I remember how we went from the Italian restaurant straight to Serendipity for one of their famous frozen hot chocolate, before walking back to our hotel in the wonderful summer evening.

Then the next day we met Andy. And Bazza …

The fact both these photos commemorate events that took place less than 10 years ago, blows my mind. They seem so much older than that … probably because so much has happened over this period.

Jill and I got married.

We moved countries. And moved countries. And moved countries.

I sold the company I started.

Then I sold another one.

We had a little boy.

My wonderful Mum passed away.

Big changes … life changing changes … which is why I am glad photos exist.

In some ways, they’re even nicer than video.

Sure it would be lovely to hear their voices, see their expressions, experience the energy of the moment again … but photos force you to engage in them, put yourself into the scene and by doing that, in some weird way, it makes the moment feel more real, makes you feel more connected to what is going on. Or at least it does for me.

I know this is an entirely indulgent post, but sometimes I need to do something that reminds me this is still my blog, not yours. Ha.

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Way to out Jill has a big birthday this year. I’m sure she’ll be very happy about that.

Comment by DH

Oh yes, I hadn’t thought about that. Oops.

Comment by Rob

The photos and this post are good by the way.

Comment by DH

Great photos.

Comment by George

Where I come from, that’s a small pizza.

Comment by Billy Whizz

how the fuck did you pull your wife? shes not out of your league but out of your fucking solar system. another fucking mystery of the universe no fucker can explain.

Comment by andy@cynic

We all pulled off the marriage equivalent of a miracle.
You on more than one occasion. ; )

Comment by George

you cheeky fucking fuck. but quite impressive. for you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Woah, George.

Comment by Bazza

George has a death wish.

Comment by Rob

You can’t complain when it’s factual.

Comment by George

Came for the lovely sentimental post and was touched more by the comfort of knowing Andy is still as venomous as ever. Amazing.

Comment by Age Conte

Oh my god, this is an honour … Age is back.

I’m envisioning this was like a visit to the street you used to live. Nostalgia. Memories. And then the undeniable feeling you’re so glad you’re not living there anymore. Ha.

PS: Don’t tell him, but Andy seems to have got softer since he became a Dad. It’s George who looks like he’s got more venomous, especially based on the comment he made today. Ha.

Comment by Rob

fuck you campbell and fuck you age.
hows that for still being a spiteful fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

your mum looks fucking awesome in that pic. miss you mrs c.

Comment by andy@cynic

Me too.

Comment by Rob

you forgot another life milestone. robbed your partners of their rightful fucking share after living off their talent for 10 fucking years then made a career taking dumploads of notes from uncle dans pension. happy to help get all the facts right.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes … but I choose to ignore it because if I acknowledged them, then you’d hire a lawyer to sue me.

Comment by Rob

I remember that visit. I remember thinking what Andy said, when you introduced me to Jill.

Comment by Bazza

Thanks mate. Thanks a lot.

Comment by Rob

This is a warm read Robert, with 2 delightful photographs.

Comment by Lee Hill

I love the way you are so open with your feelings. This is a great read and I love the pics.

Comment by Pete

you sound like a fucking vegan who wears fucking birkenstocks.

Comment by andy@cynic

A lovely post with equally lovely photos of the two most important women in your life, both beautiful.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Lovely. Self indulge all you want. As you said, this is your blog.

Comment by talkchatter

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