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July 1, 2010, 6:00 am
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So at 11am HK time, my wife, cat and I leave HK and fly to Shanghai to begin another chapter of our life.

It’s been an interesting period in my life – one filled with happiness, frustration, excitement and disappointment – however from a lifestyle point of view, it has been a wonderful experience.

Without doubt, HK is a much more social place than say Singapore.

I always felt the people of the City State had this air of self-importance that manifested into them expecting to be asked out to events rather than doing the asking whereas in HK, the scene is much more social and everyone sort of organises stuff which is why in the first few months, we went out and met more new people than we did in almost 4 years of living in Singapore.

Even though I found the culture, environment and people of HK full of creativity, colour, diversity and entrepreneurship, the ad industry – as I wrote about – was a huge disappointment, though fortunately I met quite a few brilliant people who not only restored my faith in HK creativity and communication [even though ironically, none of us actually worked on any HK clients] … but also stopped me smashing my head against brick walls too often.

When you move countries, where you choose to live becomes very, very important and to say we’re sad to be leaving our apartment is a massive understatement.

In short, we absolutely loved it.

Infact, if it didn’t cost HK$20 million just to own a shoebox, we’d of bought it … but alas our budget doesn’t stretch to property tycoon standards which is why it’s with a heavy heart we say bye … especially as we haven’t actually got a place to move into in Shanghai yet and even when we do, I doubt it’ll have the sort of storage this place had.

Yes, I know talking about storage is very sad but there’s 2 very good reasons why it has so much importance in my life:

1/ I have so many DVD’s, CD’s, Videogames that it’s nice to have a place for them where you don’t have to spend an hour pulling everything out just to find a particular film/song/game that you’ve set your mind on enjoying.

2/ I have a wife who is far more ‘relaxed’ on tidiness than I am – which means there’s enough places for her to ‘store’ her stuff without it taking over the apartment.

[Please note tidiness is not the same as cleanliness … she’s anal on that, she just enjoys being free and easy with where she leaves her things]

Anyway, I will miss the place enormously, especially being able to watch the horse racing from our lounge – which sounds weird, but is a HK tradition. [I mean watching the horse racing is a HK tradition, not watching it from our lounge!]

In our 18 months here, we’ve met some wonderful people … people who will be friends with for a very, very long time including SHOCK HORROR, some clients … and whilst there’s too many to mention [but not as many as the number of cocks I’ve met] I want to say a special thank you to Amber, Kaichin, Sandy, Charles, Linda, Leon, January, Josie, Jessie & Katie who would have made my time here enjoyable just on their own.

[Oh, and even though I knew them before we came – Pat & Juanita deserve a special thanks. If only for me constantly asking them stupid questions!]

So thank you HK, it’s been a fun and memorable ride and whilst I am looking forward to my new adventure, I hope I see you around – especially as I can catch up with the lovely guys who decided to move here just as I was leaving.

Are you listening Jason? Angie? And don’t try saying it was purely coincidental. Bastards.

PS: I’ve pre-written this post so there’s no way I will be able to see the comments till my ‘alternate computer arrangements’ have been made, so happy insulting-the-shit out of me.

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if you sold a couple of your 27 fucking properties you could easily buy your fucking hk shoebox but im glad you dont because id be afraid youd right posts about lighting, laminates and fucking lilo to go with the current bollocks of location and pissing storage space.

fuck me turning 40 has hit you hard hasnt it campbell.

safe travels and try not to get arrested for fucking once unless youre planning to write any more of this changing room shit then you can go to the fucking salt mines for all i fucking care.

speak to you on the other side of the wall, i know were not lucky enough for you not to have made plans for our continued boredom. bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Safe journey Rob, looking forward to having you and your blog back with us soon. Enjoy the adventure.

Comment by George

All the best Rob. Go and do what google couldn’t. 😉

Comment by Pete

China’s pain is our gain.
Safe travels to Jill and the cat.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Even though you won’t be able to read this comment until you’re fired or released from a Shanghai prison, all the best with the move and I’m looking forward to reading your Chinese exploits and seeing the magic you create with WK.

It’s going to be fun but I’m not sure if it’s more for you or us.

Comment by Bazza

Nobody believed he was real. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him, but to hear people tell it, anybody could have worked for him. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick the planner ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that, poof. He’s gone.

Comment by John

well i sure as shit didnt work for him but he definitely fucking worked for me.

im sure im not alone in being glad this day has finally come because youve dragged fucking off to china longer than a jj abrams show.

Comment by andy@cynic

Best of British to you all.

Comment by Lee Hill

Are you going somewhere Rob? You never mentioned it.

Comment by DH

Safe travels to you, Jill & Rosie.

Comment by Katerina

Take good care of Jill and Rosie.

Hugs from the girls.

x x x

Comment by Mary Bryant

Thanks for all your comments, but it’s China … I know some of the people wear pj’s in public and eat the sort of shit that should feature in a ‘Saw’ movie, but it’s another country, not another planet.

Guess this means none of you will be coming to visit then? Ha.

PS: You’re right about me dragging this moving lark out Andy, there’s no fun if I can’t make you find it painful. Speak to you from ‘the inside’.

Comment by Rob

May you all have a safe trip.

Comment by Chris

Are you gone? Really? I fully expect another post tomorrow. Sting has sex quicker than it takes you to say goodbye

Comment by northern

I’m pre-writing my comment for that one.

Comment by John

Are you through customs yet Rob?

Comment by Scotty

Bad news all … not only did I get let in, but I’m VPN’d up so expect blog re-ignition in a few weeks once certain things have ‘settled down’.

You poor bastards.

Currently I’m in the World’s smallest serviced apartment waiting for our cat to be delivered … given everything else has gone well [scarily so] I am hoping that I can say that my move to China has been the smoothest transition of all the places I’ve moved to. Of course actually living here will be madness personified, but the fact we actually got in with all our shit is to be celebrated … at least for me, the Chinese billions are probably crying into their pillows as I type.


Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

ohmygod books organised by colour. i think i’m in love.

Comment by lauren

Funny how many people say that Lauren.

Jill’s handiwork, I didn’t have the patience, haha!

Comment by Rob

Or the books.

Comment by John

You’re right Mr Dodds … but that’s because my version of ‘books’ doesn’t involve photos of naked women with 2 staples through their body.

Comment by Rob

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