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Another Example Why Marketing Directors At Pram Companies Need To Be Arrested. Or Aborted …
January 28, 2016, 6:20 am
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Maybe pram advertising has been horrendous for decades.

Maybe I only started noticing it because I recently became a father.

[As you can see here and here]

But whatever the reason … the way they market their products makes me ill.

I’m not saying it’s not effective because, let’s face it, lots and lots of people buy it … but what really fucks me off is that they never talk about the baby, just the contrived lifestyle and status cues it represents.

The latest example of their fucked-up thinking is this …

Yes, it’s supposedly a pram for parents who run.

Except it isn’t is it … because if it was, they’d do more than just create a tricycle, they’d fit it with things a parent who runs would value.

Like a tripometer.

Or a drinks holder.

Or an alliance with someone like NIKE.

Or technology that connects to your smartphone to give you valuable data.

Or something that keeps your kid amused – and safe – while you take them out on the busy streets and roads because life is all about you, isn’t it. You selfish dick.

But they don’t because this pram isn’t really for parents who run, it’s for people who want to convey a lifestyle image that doesn’t include being seen as a good, caring, parent.

I cannot tell you how much I utterly hate how this category conducts itself.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s others who are equally as bad, but there’s something about this industry than feels even dirtier than banks … and that is saying something.

But what gets me is how they seem to think people should have multiple prams to satisfy different needs in their day.

The pram you push when you want to exercise.

The pram you push when you need to ‘off-road’.

The pram you push when you need to attend that fashionable party.


Seriously, if I ever met someone who actually bought multiple prams for lifestyle requirements, I think I’d report them to the authorities … though to be fair, that’s much nicer than what I’d do if I ever met a marketing director at a pram company.

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They’re strollers, not prams.

Comment by Billy Whizz

who the fuck do you think you are? doddsy?

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m surprised you guys use the word stroller if only for the fact “pram” would be easier to spell.

Comment by Rob

And you’re nowhere near the cutting edge of stroller marketing

Comment by John

Eat your heart out, Jonny Ive!

Comment by Ian Gee

When I see the most expensive one has been sold, I’ll know who bought it.

Comment by DH

It sounds like a reconfigured Sinclair C5. Even I wouldn’t buy that. Well, I wouldn’t buy it nowadays.

Comment by Rob

Hang around baby places much Doddsy?

Comment by Billy Whizz

thought the court order stopped you doing that doddsy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nope. Too busy staying in touch with the tech zeitgeist and attending positivity seminars.

Comment by John

no wonder campbell likes you.

Comment by andy@cynic

I like marketing directors of pram companies. They piss you off and make your posts enjoyable to read. Thank you Otis for making this all happen. And Jill.

Comment by DH

this is made for a runner who has a baby, not for a parent who wants to run.

Comment by ed lee

I get no one wants to read his posts but that is what Rob said in the first place.

Comment by DH

another wannabe doddsy. campbell wrote “parents who run” not “parents who want to run” which means runners with babies not fucking parents who want to get rid of their post pregnancy bulge.

Comment by andy@cynic

The product may be designed for runners with babies but that does not mean they are the core audience purchasing it. Few drivers of 4×4 vehicles enjoy off-roading or even adventure, it is the association that attracts them more than the actual activity.

Comment by George

Prams were designed to transport kids around. The way they are marketed is like they’re pieces of jewelry or designer fashion. It’s been a very successful strategy for them, but it’s also why I don’t believe they’ve been developed to truly appeal to the runner. Especially when you see how little features they’ve added that would truly appeal and benefit them.

Comment by Rob

I believe the correct term for what is making you so angry, is “marketing”.

Comment by George


Comment by DH

Poacher turned keeper.

Comment by Rob

You better believe it.

Comment by George

Oh I do. Definitely.

Comment by Rob

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I actually know the head of marketing for one of the leading pram companies – how about I introduce you to see if you’re man enough to make good on your threat?

I think you’ll find she’s not the devil you make out. I also suspect she’ll kick your ass if it came to blows.

could be great fun. I’m game. Are you?

Comment by Bernard

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