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Louis Vuitton Declares War On Singapore …

So a few days ago, one of my colleagues – Winson – was looking through a year old copy of Monocle magazine.

Inside was a pull-out from Louis Vuitton for their luggage range.

On one side was a map of the World and on the other was an A-Z of cities.

Here is an example of what they said:

You get the idea.

Anyway, everything was fine until he saw this:

Yes, they really are saying Singapore is part of Malaysia.

Now while it is true that the city state was once part of Malaysian governance, the two countries split acrimoniously many years ago and it has left deep divisions between them.

Pride. Prejudice. Jealousy. Arrogance. Pettiness. You name it, the people have felt it, thought it, expressed it.

What makes it even worse is the the man responsible for that split – and the architect of the country that it became – died earlier this year, which is Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

Now to be fair to Louis Vuitton, not only is this ad a year old, but it could all be part of a campaign showing their heritage.

Maybe the map isn’t supposed to represent the modern age, but how the World was when they first started.

But – and it’s a big but – they don’t say this in any of the work, which is why the photo below – of my planning colleague Ros – sums up how all the Singaporean’s in the office reacted when I showed them the ad.

So folks at Louis Vuitton, now you have the answer why sales of your overpriced, label-ridden bags have suddenly stopped in Singapore.

Happy to help.

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you can never trust the fucking french.

Comment by andy@cynic

Except for giving us deadly diseases.

Comment by Rob

mais de rien Monsieur.

Comment by Shann Biglione (@LeShann)

Nice work. Ha.

Comment by Rob

if thats how ros looks when her country has been shamed how is she going to fucking look when she realises she works for you and her career is now fucked?

Comment by andy@cynic

I know … it can only be a matter of time.

Comment by Rob

Maybe a Malaysian agency came up with this campaign. It would be brilliant if they did.

Comment by DH

Yes … I think I would have to award them with the ‘revenge of the century’ medal and that’s something I fancied for myself to be honest.

Comment by Rob

You’ve become too pleasant to win. 10 years ago, maybe. Now? Not a chance.

Comment by DH

Nobody in the real world reads pull outs. It took a year for you guys to do so.

Comment by John

So are you saying it doesn’t matter? Are you also saying Rob’s colleagues represent the reading habits of all Monocle readers?

Comment by Pete

I’m not saying it isn’t typically sloppy of bad marketers, but I’m suggesting it’s not the reason that their sales are collapsing in Singapore.

After all, none of Rob’s colleagues seemed to be aware of it before he showed it to them, so I’d hazard a guess that it hadn’t spread virally in the past year – perhaps because nobody reads these things.

Comment by John

You do know I wasn’t really suggesting this as the reason their sales are falling don’t you John?

And it’s not just a Singapore thing … you should see them in China … and the mad thing is, they sort-of brought it on themselves in their quest for more and more money out of China.

Comment by Rob

People who work at agencies make all sorts of claims about causality, so I can never be certain.

Comment by John

It appears whoever was behind this campaign either had no understanding of the cultural dynamics of Southeast Asia or wanted to be incredibly mischievous.

Comment by Pete

Can someone tell me why I should give a shit?

Comment by Billy Whizz

i care more about singapores honour than this blog and i dont give a fuck about singapores honour.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t worry Billy, I know the feeling is mutual.

Comment by Rob

Rob’s right about China. LV is the equivalent of Burberry chav, even when it’s not fake.

Comment by Ian Gee

Did they say Taiwan was part of China?

Comment by Bazza

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