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Everything Is A Competition …

Saw this. Saw this insta and laughed.

Seemed perfect to use for a Monday.

When we all get back to work and talk about our weekends.

Even if it consisted of ordering a pizza and watching endless YouTube.

Though it’s also a perfect encapsulation of the state of planning these days.

A lot of talk. Not much listening. Or reading. Or discovering. Or exploring.

Part of this is because too many clients think the job of their agencies is do as they’re told.

Part of this is because agencies have sold the value of creativity so far down the river, that speed is the only way to achieve profit.

Part of this is because procurement have demanded agencies only get paid for ‘doing’, not thinking … or even researching. [That’s what free pitches are for]

Part of this is because the strategic discipline has become a place of ego not curiorsity.

Hence the art of conversation and constructive debate has been lost to a game of spotlight inflation. Thank god for the strategists who want to show their smarts through the work they help create rather the voice they want everyone to listen to.

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