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Some Things Go Deep. Really Deep …
July 19, 2022, 8:15 am
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Today is Brian May’s birthday.

He will be 75.


And he’s still playing massive concerts around the World.

But unlike last year where he had a whole post dedicated to him, this year I’m going to write about surprises.

OK, it’s hardly something dramatic, but it certainly shocked me.

It was this …

What the hell?

Look how deep those post boxes go?

I always thought they were just cemented into the pavement but now I think about it, that would have been a stupid thing to do.

But bloody hell. No wonder you couldn’t shift them.

I remember as a kid, there was a post box at the top of our road. When Mum wanted a letter posting, I’d ask her to count how long it took me to run to it, post it, and come back again.

I was unsurprisingly … much, MUCH healthier back then. But that postbox became almost a symbol of my development.

A measuring stick for my abilities.

It seems so long ago, and yet I can remember it so vividly.

From running out the door, jumping through – not around – the garden and trying to cross the road to the postbox without hopefully hitting a car coming down the road.

Good memories. In fact so good it’s made me a little homesick.

By homesick, I mean family-sick.

Which is quite a tangent from a post that is simply about how bloody deep postboxes go.

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