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Things On Pedestals Are Exceptionally Fragile …

I’m back.


Anyway, a little while ago, a respected marketing guru – a real one, not one of the self-appointed pretenders out there – wrote a post about the situation in Ukraine.

While what they were saying was right – ie: we should resist giving brands who actively choose to still trade with Russia, our time or money – the way they said it bothered me as it gave the impression people working for these companies – regardless of situation or circumstance – should focus on getting a new job.

I pointed out not everyone has the privilege, money or time to be able to do that – many are just trying to survive, even if they are against the war – so it might be good to mention that for both context and understanding.

The individual in question saw my comment and came back at me.

In their eyes, they were saying exactly that in their comment [they weren’t] … and then questioned why I would even raise this.

So I replied saying I was happy they didn’t mean it as I read it but it was because of how it read, that I commented.

To which they came back again …

This time they used a tone that suggested I was idiotic to question them because of their highly regarded status in the industry.

OK, so that last bit is my interpretation of their tone, but at no point did they show any understanding or desire to understand my point of view. They disregarded it immediately, as if being challenged – especially someone like me – was an outrageous act of impertinence.

At this point I showed a degree of maturity, because I could have said …

… the burden of responsibility for communication is on the author not the reader.
… we all make mistakes – even professors of marketing – so they didn’t need to get so upset.
… their response was so disproportionate, it was bordering on white fragility.

But then I realised I didn’t have to, because they kind-of said it all themselves.

There is a lot of talk about white privilege – and so there should be – but today I saw privileged white privilege. By that I who believe their level of education, status or wealth deems them to be untouchable due to being perfect.

Now don’t get me wrong, this person is very clever.

They have a huge amount of knowledge and experience and have built a platform that means they are heard and followed by many.

All brilliant.

However, as clever as they are, on this occasion they weren’t very smart.

Which gives us a good lesson to remember.

As much as we may not want to, we all make mistakes … but those who refuse to entertain the possibility of that happening often discover that they become the mistake.

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Why are you surprised you pissed someone off?

Comment by Pete

Sounds like they deserved it.

Comment by Pete

If anyone knows about making mistakes, it’s you.

Comment by Bazza

master of fuckups.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s an album title if I ever heard one.

Comment by Rob

Very good points. I will make sure to remember them whenever I read a blogpost.

Comment by John

Dunning Kruger. Effects even the knowledgeable & the privileged white privileged.

The incumbent bureaucrat is a similar character.

In dealing with a local council yesterday I informed a colleague that if it helped I’d be the fall guy & admit a mistake (any “mistake”) if it would help us get from A – B. It was the shortest day of the year which in my mind meant we should take less time to make things happen…

Comment by Joff Rae

the only good thing about you campbell is you treat all level of prick equally.

Comment by andy@cynic

After a hellish journey back, thank you for making me feel so welcome.

Comment by Rob

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