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Respect Ignites The Beauty In Competition …
April 13, 2022, 8:15 am
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A few weeks ago, Nottingham Forest played Liverpool in the FA cup.

It was the first time in 23 years we had played each other and while the recent history of both clubs could mot be further apart, seeing the, both acknowledge their old rivalry – when they ruled Europe – was something special to see.

Liverpool started it with this magnificent video.

Watching it was very moving to me.

Not just because it takes me back to my childhood, but it takes me back to matches I actually attended.

With my Dad and friends.

Special times.

Memories of my youth, my home, my family.

And then Forest did something that made me incredibly proud.

To honour the 97 Liverpool fans who tragically died at Hillsborough – when Liverpool again played Forest – they did this.

With all the shit going on in the World at the moment, seeing old enemies respect each other before competing against each other was something wonderful to see.

Even though we lost 0-1 and our roof suddenly started leaking as there was a huge storm in Auckland while the match was on … it was still a welcome distraction from the feeling of fear that has permeated the globe thanks to the ego of old, rich, toxic, white politicians.

So thank you to Liverpool for the moment and the memories [again] and thank you to Nottingham Forest for letting me believe that even in the worst of times, there’s a chance for something special to come out the other side.

Come on you reds.

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That is a class move.

Comment by George

Yep. The new management have really changed the club for the better.

Comment by Rob

losing and leak roofing. best fucking football match ever.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve never seen you be so respectful.

Good post. Sorry about the result and the roof.

Comment by Pete

You lost.

Comment by DH

Thanks mate. Asshole.

Comment by Rob

I’m only doing what you would do to me.

Comment by DH

You’re absolutely not living in the past.

Comment by Bazza

Isn’t that obvious with how contemporary my blog is?

Comment by Rob

I’ll get back to you.

Comment by Bazza

Love how Liverpool make sure they always show themselves as bigger winners than Forest. That’s some quality passive aggressiveness.

Comment by DH

Yes … I did notice that too, ha.

Comment by Rob

Your boys gave a good account of themselves Robert. They are in with a good shout of being promoted. I hope they see it through, it would be great to see them back in the premiership.

Comment by Lee Hill

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