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Lies. Damn Lies. And Publicity Claims From Tobacco Firms …
November 17, 2021, 8:00 am
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A few months ago, I wrote about Philip Morris’ alleged ‘transformation’ from being a manufacturer of cancer sticks to a health company.

Well not only are they continuing with this ambition, they are adopting the Trump/Johnson strategy of acceptance.

What that means is this.

1. Drop the word ‘health’ in every conversation.

2. Use language that positions you as ‘the good guys’.

3. Under no circumstances ever acknowledge any mistake from the past.

4. Publicly question the credibility of anyone who challenges your actions.

5. Act like you only care about average people, never the corporate elite, despite you constantly and continually living and flaunting the sort of life no average individual could enjoy.

And why am I saying all this?

Because of this …

What the absolute fuck.

This is a company who purposefully, willingly and cynically spread false information about the benefits of their product over decades … talking about the dangers of companies who spread false information.

Hell, they even add a ‘warning’ that sounds awfully like the government mandated warning that appears on the front of every cigarette packet.

Seriously, this could only be more ironic if it came from Facebook.

Only a company who literally doesn’t give a shit about morals or honesty or other people’s health would do something like this. But let’s be honest, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Their whole history is littered with manipulation, lies and false information.

From making cigarette products labelled ‘lite’ to give the impression they were ‘better for you’ [they weren’t] to that iconic moment of shame, where the CEO’s of the biggest tobacco companies stood up in from of politicians in the House of Representatives, raised their hand and said their product was not dangerous when they already knew it was and it was killing people.

In fact, in this testimony, not only did the CEO of Philip Morris of the time, William Campbell, proclaim:

“I believe nicotine is not addictive” … which was subsequently repeated by the other executives of the biggest tobacco companies in America … one went on to insist that cigarettes were no more addictive than coffee, tea or Twinkies.

Fortunately, Henry Waxman, a democrat politician who was leading the proceedings, fired back: “The difference between cigarettes and Twinkies is death”.

Pretty hard to come back from a statement like that, even though they tried. Not because they had got so used to lying they thought it was true – they were VERY aware of the deceit they were peddling – it was more they were incredulous to anyone questioning what they said.

So given Philip Morris are so passionate about facts, compare what they say in their ‘brand ‘purpose’ with what they say in public.

Don’t know about you, but it appears they’re not as aligned as they should be … because rather than being about health, it’s more about making their product less death.

‘Less’ death.

But for all the cleverly ambiguity they’ve placed in their writing, the overriding impression I am left with is that they don’t actually understand the meaning of the word truth … which is the only thing I may believe from Philip Morris.

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I love it when you’re angry. A great post about an evil company.
I do believe companies can change. It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen often. But when a company fails to acknowledge or admit their past wrongdoings in any way, it smacks of an organisation who wants to change how they present themselves, not change what they do.

Comment by Pete

The darkest side of marketing.

Comment by Pete

all marketing is dark. it becomes evil when the company is evil. and the agency complies for the fucking cash.

Comment by andy@cynic

doesnt happen as much now hes old and happy.
fuck i hate it when hes happy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Excellent post Robert. Sadly I think they will get away with it. For all societies supposed cynicism, lack of trust and activism, it seems it is aimed more at individuals/politicians than corporations.

Comment by George

Your latest insta post shows another example of it.

Comment by George

this shit is what happens when a ceo surrounds themselves with fucking yes men.

Comment by andy@cynic

There is a lot of truth in this comment Andrew.

Comment by Lee Hill

+ 1

Comment by DH

This post has made me so angry Robert. Tobacco companies continue to make billions while people still die from their lies.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Start a blog Mary. I’d read yours.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Is this Philip Morris laying the groundwork to say the scientific “claims” their product is addictive and cancer causing is bad information?

Comment by Bazza

True or not, the tobacco industry are experts in playing the long game.

Comment by Lee Hill

Phillip Morris make Anthony Weiner look like he has self awareness.

Comment by DH

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