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How Some People Try To Prove Effectiveness …

And please note – unlike someone who commented when I posted this photo on insta – I know Pluto isn’t a planet which is why it has ‘disqualified’ on it. That said, having judged a bunch of awards recently, and seen what some think qualifies as worthy, then the Pluto commentator is already miles ahead of many in terms of what is valid and what is dodgy. Happy Wednesday.

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I am sure I have judged papers with charts like that in the past.

Comment by Bazza

looks like a political polling chart just before they get told the person who they said could never fucking win, wins.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

How some people fall for it is scarier.

Comment by John

Very true John.

Comment by George

At least this is in jest. I’ve seen similar positioned as fact.

Comment by Lee Hill

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