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What Sort Of Sick Bastard Comes Up With Stuff Like This?
August 17, 2021, 8:00 am
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When I was a kid, the Rubik’s Cube came out and a nation was transfixed.

My Dad bet me 5 pounds I couldn’t do 2 sides and 50 pounds I couldn’t do it all.

Now back then, this was big money … and given we didn’t have that sort of money to throw about, I can only assume he suggested it because he knew I wouldn’t be able to do it.

He was right.

So I took it apart and put it back together arguing he hadn’t specified how I solve it.

He admired my attempt to win on a technicality, but still didn’t pay up.

Over the years, the Rubik’s Cube has made a number of comebacks, and while I loved watching the documentary on ‘cubers’, I never engaged with any of them again.

Till now.

Otis has become OBSESSED with them.

But unlike the relatively simple 3×3 I had back then, there are literally hundreds of different combinations.

From cubes that transform into different shapes which means everything gets even more insane … to different shapes that have more sides/combinations to solve that ever before … to cubes where each square is split into two colours to make things even more maddening … to cubes that go up to 33 x 33, which surely is basically some form of modern torture!!!

And while Otis doesn’t have all of them and can’t solve any of them fully – yet – he is transfixed.

Constantly playing, trying, exploring, learning, solving [2 sides] and I have to say I find it amazing.

Amazing for what he is doing and amazing that technology has become so much part of his normal life, that cubes … CUBES … offer a tempting distraction.

Of course I still can’t do any of them.

And of course Jill can do most of them.

Which all goes to prove the person who said ‘practice makes perfect’ either didn’t know what they were talking about or – as I fear – I am just really, really pathetic.


Update: Since I wrote this post, Otis has got more cubes and can now do a 3×3 on his own. Me? I remain proudly consistent in my cube performance abilities.

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i fucking love otis has nailed it while you cant even hammer a nail into wood without chopping your fucking finger off. though the cia need to hire whoever makes these. theyve got the sort of sick fuck qualities they need in a terrorist interegator.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Though you are right, which makes it even worse.

Comment by Rob

CIA have gone soft.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Have you watched the documentary on cubers on Netflix?
It’s very entertaining. Though they use the “basic” cube, which I have always found daunting. Or I did until you revealed the new generation of evil.

Comment by George

Yes you have watched it as you write about it in the post. Fail.

Comment by George

Fool. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

when george doesnt read your shit i have faith in humanity.

Comment by andy@cynic

But you didn’t practice. You achieved perfection by an innovative short cut (some might say cheating).

Comment by John

I did practice.
Then I cheated.
And I still ended up losing. Now that’s talent. Ahem. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Well done Otis. I will try not to feel too intimidated.

Comment by Lee Hill

How do you think I feel?

Comment by Rob

Another thing that makes Otis wonderful. Keep going Otis.
Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

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