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Value What You Do …

A few months ago – before moving to NZ – I did a presentation on behalf of my Metal Masters for some record company bigwigs.

It was going to be quite a contentious presentation so I asked my wife to read it to make sure I was on the right side of the ‘asshole’ line.

Maybe it’s because she’s had to put up with me for 17 years, but she said I wasn’t “too bad” with my kicking, but she did say one thing about one slide she had noticed.

It was this one.

She said to me:

“Don’t call it a slide, call it a page. People value books more than presentations”.

She was – as usual – right.

And while it made me wonder how the hell I had managed to convince someone so smart to marry me, it also made me wonder why I had made such a rookie mistake.

If you don’t value you what you do, why should someone else?

And while you may think using the word ‘slide’ for ‘page’ is very small … it’s what it signifies and conveys.

Rather than communicate something personal, it comes across as something ‘production line’.

An ability to easily ‘write it off’ from their memory.

When the point I was making was very important.

Once upon a time I worked with a creative who insisted all his creative work was covered in trace paper. When I first saw him do it, I thought, ‘what a pretentious tosser’.

But then I saw the reaction from the clients when he showed it to them.

It was treated a bit more nicely. A bit more preciously.

It wasn’t for theatre, it was because he wanted his work to be valued like he valued it and he found a way to create an environment that made that happen without having to say it.

Like calling a slide a page.

Details matter.

Not just for craft, but for your own reputation.

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Small differences are big differences.

Comment by John

you owe jill almost as much as me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh I owe her way more. Don’t let your ego get too big there Andy. Haha.

Comment by Rob

but you made jills life even worse than mine.

Comment by andy@cynic

Beige. The color of planning.

Comment by DH


Comment by John

An excellent lesson from Jill.
But then all your best ideas originate from her.

Comment by Lee Hill

Yes they do. And she reminds me of that too. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Only 6 comments? I thought this was a great point. And it wasn’t even from Rick Rubin. Admittedly it also wasn’t from me either – but 6 comments?!!!

Comment by Rob

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