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Close, Even When They’re Gone …
October 1, 2020, 7:30 am
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When we were getting ready to move to our new house, we prepared for the big day by going through cupboards to help the removal guys with the packing.

In one of these cupboards we found some of Mum’s belongings that I’d not seen since she died in 2015.

One of the items in there was her handbag and one of the items in it was this necklace.

To give you an idea of how important it is, I can’t remember a time Mum wasn’t wearing it.

I certainly can’t find a photograph without her having it on.

So to see it again, after so long, felt like a wonderful, wonderful gift.

But there was something even more impactful than that and it was the smell of her handbag.

Because we had placed it inside a box, it still had the gentle, sweet fragrance of my dear Mum’s perfume on it.

A smell I thought I would never experience again.

Without any overstatement, I can honestly tell you it took my breath away … and as I held it tight, tight, tight against my chest … it felt like I was getting a final hug from her.

It was something I had wanted for each day since she passed … and while it let out a flood of emotions and tears, it was such a wonderful feeling.

Moving house – even after all the moves I’ve done – is a pain in the ass.

But occasionally, it is a gift.

Not just for where you’re going to, but for what it makes sure you don’t forget.

Thank you Mum. For everything.


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So beautiful Robert. Big hugs.

Comment by Mary Bryant

I can just imagine how special that was for you Robert. She would be proud of you and so happy about the beautiful house you bought.

Comment by Lee Hill

This is so nice. I’m so glad you had that moment Rob. As Lee said, she would love the house you bought for the family home. Even with a stopover via NZ.

Comment by Pete

This is such a warm and compassionate post. I love how you can express yourself so emotionally. I know your Mum would agree as well.

Comment by George


Jemma xoxoxo

Comment by Jemma King

Thanks everyone. It was very special …

Just when you think you have everything together, you discover you don’t. Ha.

Comment by Rob

What George wrote.

Comment by John


Comment by DH

youre a soppy fucker but its one of the least annoying traits about you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Backhanded compliment of the year.

Comment by DH

So beautiful Robbie.

Comment by Katerina

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