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The Most Selfish Generation In History …

Hello … I’m back.

It was amazing.

OK, it was more for being with the family than the physical place … but that’s because I’m not a ‘stay-down-on-the-farm’ kind of person, though I appreciate some of you may suggest it’s more because I’m not a ‘pay-for-my-own-holidays’ kind of person.


Anyway, I wanted to return with a post that matters a lot to me.

To be honest, all of them matter to me … but as of late, I’ve been writing stuff that matters more than most.

Things like female leadership, prejudice and when work tries to kill you

Well, while this isn’t connected to the industry I work in, it is about an issue very dear to me.

Living overseas is one of the greatest privileges you can have.

Sure, there are things you give up and miss – but what you gain more than compensates for it.

Case in point. I recently had dinner with Rodi and David in San Francisco.

The photo from the evening is at the top of this post.

None of us live here. None of us work here. None of us are from here.

In fact all of us live in totally different countries and come from different parts of the world.

Rodi is Australian/Ukrainian, David is Taiwanese and I’m British/Italian.

To make matters even more random, we all met in China.

Yet despite having all moved on from our time at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, we remain connected … not because of the company we worked at, but because of the generosity of the country we experienced.

This dinner represents what England has voted entire generations never to have.

It’s an act of utter selfishness.

Utter, utter selfishness.

So many in society like to bestow that label on the youth of the UK, but it’s not them.

It’s the Daily Mail reading, over 55’s who have enjoyed good fortune in their life but don’t want anyone else to have it. Who don’t want anyone else to evolve and grow because they don’t want to be left behind and feel less important.

Selfish, egotistical, bigoted and blinkered pricks.

The reality is my ability to live around the World has made my life unquestionably bigger, better and fuller.

Almost everything I have and treasure is because of my life outside of England.

That is not in any way meant to say life in England is bad – far from it – but anyone who thinks there is greater value staying isolated versus expanding the possibilities of life through adventures, experiences and friends that exist beyond the borders of our shores has either never done it or is frightened of it.

May I have dinners with friends in countries none of us come from for many years to come.

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Welcome back Robert. This is a wonderful post that highlights just how bad the vote for Brexit will impact the possibilities and opportunities for millions of the UK’s youth.

Comment by George

I hadn’t looked at Brexit that way. Makes it even worse, though it would have saved Jill from having Mr Immature as a husband.

Comment by Bazza

Following your photos on insta, it seems you didn’t hate being on a farm. possobky because Otis seemed to love it.

I agree with George on this post but there is another message being comminicated that I think is important.

There is a lot of talk about management right now. Maybe this has been driven by your corporate gaslight project but that so many of your ex colleagues want to continue seeing you highlights the positive impact you have had on them. Of course I have experienced this first hand so know why they want to stay in touch, but it’s a good way to evaluate your manager. If you part ways, would you want them to continue being in your life?

Comment by Pete

I only see him for his expense account dinners.

Comment by Bazza

He’s OK.

Comment by George

All jokes aside, it is an interesting way to look at it. Can the same be said for client relationships?

I know Robert has an amazing way to make clients fall in love with him through his acts of brutal love, but that continues to be the exception to the rule. Is a long term client relationship a sign of mutual respect (for example WK and Nike) or control and complicity (for example, everyone else)?

Comment by George

Interesting point but staying in contact with past relationships highlight different reasons for existince than a current long term relationship. It might have similarities but I think past colleagues wanting to stay in touch with a manager is a more positive sign than clients wanting to stay with an agency. Especially as it is more about agencies wanting to stay in a relationship with clients and doing anything they can to keep it that way. As you say, WK and a few others, are the exception to that.

Comment by Pete

I do all I can to avoid seeing Rob. I only come here to make sure he is far away from me. Don’t cry Rob, I do the same to all planners I’ve worked with.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It seems you confuse being outward looking and liking European, Asian, African peoples with the love of a nazi superstate called the EU.
Created by deceit, expanded by deceit and still maintained by lying and deceit.
Lying Rt Hon May says it’s Brexit, no its BRINO.

The simple fact is that you can have trade agreements to facilitate trade without political, fiscal and MILITARY union.

The EU is a the United States of Europe by incremental, slow stealth – DECEIT!

Comment by ebolainfo

What the hell are you talking about?

By all means have a different opinion – but at least let me understand what it is.

Comment by Rob

Again you miss the point of my post. You can enjoy the world, it’s peoples and cultures without sucking on the teat of the EU superstate.
The deceit that rejecting the EU, means you reject Europe or the world outside the UK is nonsense.

Here is a question for EU Statists: If Walter Hallstein, one of the Nazi founders of the EU, people like Ted Heath and others had stated political, fiscal, trade and MILIATRY union from the outset, would they have got UK or even European support?

I think not. Slowing boiling the frog until its too late. I have no time for a fascist, corporatist tool like the EU. I have time for peoples genuinely exploring and appreciating each others cultures. It does not need the mental fiction “government/governmind”.

Comment by ebolainfo

Where were the “youth is our future brigade” when tuition fees were introduced?
The old and young indebted and impoverished for the global fraudsters priniting money out of thin air.
The banksters are the biggest receipents of handouts yet were demonze the truly needy and dependent.

Comment by ebolainfo

They were everywhere ebolaino … and still are. You just chose to ignore that to suit your ‘argument’.

Comment by Rob

Well, if I have ignored relevant facts, please remind me. I am the first to accept my memory is not 100%.

Comment by ebolainfo

The problem is ebolainfo is you’re not using any facts whatsoever. You don’t like the EU – that’s fine – but abusing people who don’t follow your views and claiming you’re the ‘ultimate knowledge’ on this subject is not doing you any good.

Happy to chat about things, but it seems you’re not.

Comment by Rob

Hang on! Did i call you names? I called the EU a fascist, corporatist project.
My disdain, is amied at the EU not you however as I followed you site, I had to respond to your mxing two issues – being pan-global with supporting or liking the EU federalist project.

The EU was sooo keen on open democracy that it engaged in the corporatist TTIP trade agreements. How did the ECB and the EU treat Greece?

How did the EU start? A trading block, which led to a legal/political block, which led to financial block (euro) and now the icing on the cake – the military block – seperate from NATO/US?

Please point out any factual errors in the sequence of events and if these were declared from the outset in the 60s

Comment by ebolainfo

I’d call this pretty insulting.

“It seems you confuse being outward looking and liking European, Asian, African peoples with the love of a nazi superstate called the EU.”

Comment by DH

OK, point taken. I was too forceful in making that point. My apologies.
Do you see my point about seperating the EU state/supranational government from European peoples?

Comment by ebolainfo

Sure … but do you understand I was talking about a totally different point?

Comment by Rob

Great post. What I find the most frustrating about the whole thing is the way it’s black or white.
Even on the comments we can see absolutism and moral crusading (hi ebolainfo) without much factual support. Let’s be clear, as soon as you use the words ‘Nazi’ you pretty much ruin your own argument. It’s just as daft as Farage talking about ‘The Elite’ betraying the people, when most of those eligible didn’t vote to Leave and most of those saying this is the press are the elite.

Comment by nothern

Abnsolutely right NP and Rob is equally guilty when he lays it at the feet of DailyMail readers rather than the fact that they live on an island and are isolated geographically as well as aspirationally and educationally.

Comment by John

Fair point John, but given the myopic argument promoted by the DM, it is fair to suggest they are likely supporters of the Brexit choice … while accepting they are not the only ones to blame and not purely because they read the DM.

Comment by Rob

Sure, but their estimated readership is under 3 million.

Comment by John

What does that mean? I would say 3 million people is pretty influential when you take into account the families they raise, the people they know and the values that communicate to others.

Comment by Rob

Readership includes all those – 3 million isn’t 17.4 million is my point.

Comment by John

Well please look up Walter Hallstein. a key founder of the federalist EU project:

Comment by ebolainfo

I am amused: “moral crusading”? Oh, what about BBC, SKY, ITV, C4 corporate propaganda concerning the EU.
Let’s hear about the proposed pan-european military from Merkel herself:

Step-by-step, always by obfuscation, lying and deceit. Who particpated in the destruction of Libya, that led to the migrant crisis into Europe, that then caused an uptick in so called xenophobia? Oh that would be the US and NATO, no?

Comment by ebolainfo

Ebolainfo, what I find the most disappointing is how you’re proving Rob’s point
Next time he posts about how good Queen are, please don’t get involved

Comment by Northern

ebo. are you the fucking daily mail editor in disguise? or are you just a twat who likes talking in an echo chamber? if youre not any of the youre missing your fucking calling.

Comment by andy@cynic

I left my echo chamber to challenge statist EU lovers and they kickoff with personal attacks.
I started by challenging Rob’s idea on confusing being pan-european peoples with pan-european states.

The simple point i am making is this: You do not need legal, trade, political, financial and MILITARY union to be pro-european or the wider world.

Attack that premise not the person. to use a football example kick the ball not the player.

Comment by ebolainfo

You don’t see how you’re coming across Ebolainfo.

Comment by DH

Brilliant post! Especially the buy about Daily Mail readers. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by somekindof50

you missed my fucking birthday campbell. normally this would make you the biggest wanker on the planet but I see ebolainfo has beaten you to it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I have been accused of providing no facts and being on a moral crusade. It seems the first abuse comes from the EU superstate lovers.
They never saw a fascist, big pharma/big banking/big oil statist they did not like.

Comment by ebolainfo

That’s right, everyone here always posts about how much the love big oil and fascists.
I think you’ll find everyone here is only bothered about abusing Rob

Comment by Northern

Spend some time and look at the corrupt western edifice that you are either oblivious off are ignoring:
Banking – corrupt – QE? Money out of thin air – fictional counterfeiting
Legal – Pretensions. No rule of law. Why? Simple. The law has to apply EQUALLY to everyone, no exceptions.
Medicine – Big pharma vaccine pushers claim vaccine are safe but they demand legal protection. Cancer BS Pioners are being killed and persecuted
Politics – another pretensions farce. Priviy council oath takers to Queen or people?

Comment by ebolainfo

and no campbell, you cant claim going on a farm was my present. even though id have fucking loved to have seen that shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rumor is Rob smelt worse than the pigs.

Comment by DH

looked worse than the pigs.

Comment by andy@cynic

39 pissing comments. you should all be fucking ashamed of yourself.

Comment by andy@cynic

Isn’t it sad that the ad featured right underneath your post reads..”Mrs May’s Brexit talks could actually make you a millionaire, and here’s how”…

Comment by MissSaffari

Does it? Oh god …

Mind you, mine didn’t … what does that mean about the sites you’ve been visiting. [Just being cheeky]

Comment by Rob

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