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We’re All Going On A [Almost] Summer Holiday …

Well this is the last post for another week except this time I’m not going away for business, I’m going away with the family for a holiday.

Believe it or not, this is the first family holiday we’ve had in almost 3 years.

Part of that is because we have moved countries twice in the last 3 years … the other part is that when we lived in Manhattan Beach, it felt like we were on holiday whenever we were together.

So this weekend we all go – including Rosie the cat – to a farm for a week.

If I’m honest, I never ever dreamed of going to stay at a farm for a holiday.

Only staying in a tent would be worse.

But whether it’s because I’ve been on a plane so much over the past 6 months or whether it’s because I’m a Dad to a kid who absolutely loves animals … I’m genuinely looking forward to it.

Evolving opinions are a wonderful thing.

While we might think our points of view on life remain fairly static, I love that they can grow or shift.

One of the reasons I’ve kept this blog up for so long is that it’s a reference point for how I have looked at the World over time. Looking back at some old posts reveal how much my opinion on certain subjects has changed.

I love that.

It means an old dog can be taught some new tricks.

Maybe this is because having lived in so many different countries, I’ve always had to be open to how things work … but whatever the reason, I’m happy I’m going to be spending a week feeding cows even if a version of me from the past would rather be a Derby County supporter.

See you in a week.

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Make sure the farmer doesn’t mistake you for a pig.

Comment by Billy Whizz

To be honest, I hope he does because they it will mean I’m actually having a great holiday.

Comment by Rob

I think the only difference for you between business trips and holidays is you have to pay for holidays. Maybe not even that. Hope you all have fun. I wish I was there to see how miserable you will be spending days with cows and sheep. It would be even better if the farm didn’t have any wifi or cell signal.

Comment by Bazza

Harsh, but unquestionably fair.

Have a great holiday Rob.

Comment by Pete

If the farm didn’t have wifi then I might need to stay in a hospital …

When Jill was expecting Otis, we went to check out hospitals. After one visit, they asked me if I had any questions.

“Do you have wifi?”

I got an interesting look from my wife for that one.

Comment by Rob

Your wife is one of the most understanding women I have had the pleasure of meeting Robert.

Have a wonderful family holiday.

Comment by Lee Hill

A farm? If you had let people pay to see you there, you would have paid for this holiday tenfold. Have a great break. With all the travel you have been doing lately, you may have earned this one. ; )

Comment by George

I could do a pay-per-view live stream if you’re interested?

Comment by Rob

i’m not sure that would get through the content control filters. Have fun and don’t scare the sheep.

Comment by John

I’m enjoying the peace.

Comment by Bazza

Just because he’s not on here, it dosn’t mean he’s making a lot of noise on other social media.

Comment by John

[…] Nothing reinforced this than our trip to the farm recently. […]

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