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Forget GoPro, Now We Have GoPorno …

As we all know, technology has had a profound effect on how we live.

Things that were once only available only to the few are now accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Whole industries have been created – and destroyed – by the power of the internet.

One of these is porn.

While there is more of it available than at any point in history, the revenues associated with it are at all time lows.

This is not just because of sites like Pornhub – which has had a huge impact on the income of studios – but because smartphones have allowed people to film and share porn with ease.

But as with most things, once something has gone mainstream, people look to elevate themselves above the common herd and, as usual, the porn industry has found a way to exploit this trend by launching this …

What you are looking at is a cock cam.

That’s right, a camera attached to a cock ring so you can film your penis doing it’s thing in even greater detail.

Whether people want that level of detail is another thing altogether – quite frankly, I don’t know that many people who watch porn imagining they’re the penis – but for just US$160, you can elevate your home made porn to errrrm, professional standard.

Apparently it has ‘amazing night vision’ capabilities and comes with a stretchy yet tight silicone cock ring, keeping you harder for longer.

No, I can’t believe I’ve just typed that either.

While the porn industry have always embraced technology – albeit to drive revenue – there are times where I wish they followed the majority of other industries, and just put their head in the sand to trends.

That said, given this is a GoPro for penises, I do think they missed a trick not using the Go Pro old positioning line of ‘BE A HERO’ … not just because it captures the massive egotism someone must have to make a homemade porn film that they want to share with others, but it might alleviate their [correct] fear people might start laughing when they see them approaching with a camera balancing on their cock.

I wish this was an April Fools, but it isn’t.

Though anyone who buys one probably qualifies for the title.

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Billy’s dream come true. I wouldn’t be surprised if he invented it.

Comment by Bazza

If he invented it I would have assumed the “ring” would be a lot smaller.

Comment by DH

Wow, that’s a high quality burn there Pete. Nice one.

Comment by Rob

i first read your comment campbell as a high quality bum but i know for a fucking fact the burn is more impressive.

Comment by andy@cynic

Fuck you Pete. The last time you got close to being laid was when you ate an egg.

Comment by Billy Whizz

You’ve got to admit Dave, that’s a snappy comeback by Billy.

Comment by Rob

Best bit of copy he’s ever written.

Comment by DH

And I thought men that sent dick pics had confidence. Next level.

Comment by Bazza

Women of tinder, watch out.

Comment by DH

Is that about Billy or men using the device?

Comment by Bazza

I am assuming it is probably both.

Comment by Rob

I wonder if this will force Sony to rethink their Handicam?

Comment by DH

A brand rename? Wankicam?

Comment by Rob

Go Pro to Go Porno. Very droll.

Comment by Lee Hill

youve fucking bought it havent you campbell? not for your prick, but because you are one.

Comment by andy@cynic

Porn gave us the internet we have now. Arguably the first image, rotating gif, game, videos etc.
Time for reparations.

Comment by Paul Macfarlane

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