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When Your Colleagues Tell You What They Really Think Of You …

I’m back.

I survived.

Though as you will see from this post, the evil genius of China has followed me home.

When I worked at Wieden+Kennedy, I had a brilliant planner in my team called Charinee.

She was one of the best natural presenters I’ve ever seen … using her smarts, charm and charisma to basically win over the fiercest of audience.

I really liked Charinee, I even wrote her a nice ‘goodbye’ when she pissed off to live in NYC.

Recently I got to see what she thought of me.

I was a dick. An annoying, giant dick. As demonstrated by this …

But the joke is on you CC, because I already knew you thought that about me …

Cue: Evil Laugh even if this is not an achievement I wish I had achieved.

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You’re back. You seemed to have had a great time in Shanghai and your blog went global without you being here. Maybe you should go away more, which I acknowledge may be impossible to achieve.

Thank you Charinee for keeping Rob real.

Comment by Pete

Judging by the reach of his post, I have a horrible feeling Rob is going to become a role model for his stand against bad management. I think the issue is important. I just don’t want Rob to get the credit.

Comment by Bazza

Welcome back Robert.
I think the world owes Charinee a great deal of thanks.

Comment by George

Because she said what we all know?

Comment by DH

Thanks for you all bringing me back down to earth. I am so lucky. Or that’s what I’m going to try and tell myself.

Comment by Rob

what the fuck do you expect from comments? thanks that youre back? youve just had another paid fucking holiday. you are lucky i can be fucked to even acknowledge your existence.

Comment by andy@cynic

I was going to say I missed this blog but I only missed the comments.

Comment by DH

being a massive fucking dickhead is not the same as having a big dick, just in case you try and convince yourself youre some fucking pornstar. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Back with force.

Comment by DH

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