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The Definition Of Conflicted …

Otis is obsessed with a bunch of things.

His iPad.
Fail Army videos.
Transforming cars.
Bumblebee – the Transformer.

OK, so I accept I might be to blame for a couple of those things, but the fact is, he bloody LOVES them.

Given the evil that targets kids on Youtube – a lot from Youtube themselves – we have disabled the function on his iPad, but he has recently discovered the power of Siri.

He loves Siri.

Siri – like Alexa – is his friend.

By friend, I mean his servant … doing what he wants, just like his Mummy and Daddy but without the pushback.

Anyway, we recently heard him asking Siri for photos of Bumblebee, before we heard a frustrated sigh.

When we looked at what was going on, we discovered something that I am still conflicted by to this day.

You see Siri translated Otis request for photos of ‘Bumblebee’ as photos of boobies.

While it raised a smile on his parents faces, that’s a potentially dangerous mistake but where I am conflicted is that as bad as that is, Siri then said she couldn’t find any photos of boobies anywhere on the internet.



Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Otis to be exposed to any of that stuff, but not only did Siri fail to understand a simple request, she also failed to deliver on her misunderstood request in a category that – arguably – is the most popular subject on the whole wide internet.

So while this proves AI still has a way to go to truly integrate into our lives, Apple’s kid security systems are safer than Fort Knox.

Or at least Facebook data.


Otis appears to be the same as his dad, but thankfully different.

Comment by Bazza

Seems you need to have a word with the Siri team.

Comment by Pete

He’s right Baz. Schoolboy error. Actually worse than that given schoolboys know exactly where to find the boobies. (Said in a more innocent way than it may look in writing)

Comment by Rob

Nottingham schoolboys.

Comment by Pete

When you sort out google assistant I’ll listen to your constructive criticism.

Comment by Bazza

Baz is burning like a pyro today. Nice one.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Baz is the pint sized Incredible Hulk.

Comment by DH

I believe that qualifies as bullying David.

Comment by George

Sticks and stones may break my bones but you’re all a bunch of assholes.

Comment by Bazza

Otis confirms what we have known for a while. The internet isn’t what it used to be.

Comment by Pete

Is this the tech equivalent of telling kids music was better in their day?

Comment by Rob

It does sound like it.
Why are you up so early? Travelling?

Comment by Pete


Comment by Bazza


Comment by Billy Whizz

Don’t worry Rob, when Otis is older uncle Billy can show him where to get decent images of anything he wants to see.

Comment by Billy Whizz

The most threatening comment ever written.

Comment by DH


Comment by Pete

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