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Weird Isn’t Always Wonderful, But It’s Always Memorable …
November 30, 2018, 6:15 am
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A few weeks ago – the day after halloween to be precise – I woke up to seeing I was tagged on an instagram photo.

When I clicked on the link, I saw this …

Yes … that’s me.

As a pumpkin.

For Halloween.

And you want to know what’s even scarier? Yes, even scarier than me as a pumpkin.

It was done by someone I’ve not met.


On the bright side, while it is hideously ugly – or said another way, a perfect representation of me – it’s not a voodoo doll and in a weird way, it’s like a compliment. Sure, a twisted, back-handed compliment, but when you’re my age, beggars can’t be choosers.

So to the wonderfully, stark-raving-bonkers Jess Politi … thank you for [finally] making me good enough to eat, even though I suspect I was much better used as something you could slowly burn and then smash repeatedly in the face with a hammer, thus fulfilling the aspirations of hundreds of past and present colleagues of mine.

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Best shot of you I’ve seen in decades.

Comment by DH

I have to agree. I also am more tanned than I ever was in LA … even though I do look a bit too Tango man for my liking.

Comment by Rob

tango boy. thats going to fucking stick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Someone needs to see a doctor.

Comment by Bazza

Yes … and I think if they saw this post, they would diagnose 6 months rest.

Comment by Rob

You should see the likenesses that people don’t send you.

Comment by John

do they look like you doddsy?

Comment by andy@cynic

theres sick fucks and theres the person who did this. their only saving grace is they made you look even more hideous and captured the mushiness of your alleged fucking brain.

Comment by andy@cynic

Congratulations. You have arrived.

Comment by Up In Your Business

In hell.

Comment by DH

Don’t you mean hell has arrived at Rob?

Comment by Bazza

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