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Women Are Stronger Than Men …

A few weeks ago, I saw these 2 headlines being shared on social media …

Look at them!

Seriously, the fact women deal with this blatant – and subtle – prejudicial shit every single day and don’t want to kill every man they meet, is proof they’re stronger than any man can be.

I cannot tell you how much I really, really hope sperm stops depression in men as well as women.

Not just because depression is an incredibly debilitating illness, but the headlines and machismo bullshit we’ll see from all the misogynists around us, will be hysterical.

Though in a perfect world, it will be women’s pee that will be discovered as the ultimate ‘cure for all’ … because that would really fuck with them.

I’m so over this bullshit and I know I am not the only one … but as I discovered in my time in America, saying you don’t like something is not the same as doing something about it because we know the misogynists will keep doing their bit.

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Thank you Robert, but it is not about equality of opportunity, what is needed is equality in the top positions of companies. Then real change will come.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Good point Mary. Sarah says that “equal opportunity” is only being advocated by men because it means they can look like they’re playing ball while still controlling the outcome.

Comment by Pete

“Playing ball” was probably not the best choice of phrase.

Comment by Pete

Yep … so true Pete. That’s why I realised it means nothing unless you’re doing something about it. I was late to that realisation and embarrassed about it … which is why I will forever be grateful to Maya, Bree and Chelsea in America for waking me up.

Of course, caring about the issue is important, but if you want to change it, you need to change how you’re dealing with it.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Bazza

I agree with you Mary. Any decision that is made by a leadership team that consists of a single gender should be treated with suspicion, except where it directly relates to issues impacting that gender.

Comment by Bazza

Not even then. The lead should be taken by those affected, but if there’s no diversity, you’ve got a silo and a lack of awareness amongst the unaffected that might hold back progress in other situations.

Comment by John

You’re right Mary. To highlight that point, I recently read this comment from Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg …

“When I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the supreme court]? And I say when there are nine, people are shocked. But there’d been nine men, and nobody’s ever raised a question about that.”

Nails the hypocrisy and stupidity.

Comment by Rob

What a fantastic quote to highlight the absurdity of current situations.

Comment by George

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Mary should start all the comments threads. No one would dare go off topic.

Comment by DH

I am amazed she said yes to marrying me.

Comment by George

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