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How To Ruin A Lot Of Hard Work …
November 1, 2017, 6:15 am
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Imagine you’ve invested a couple of decades on your career.

Experienced a huge range of highs and lows.

Worked on an incredible array of categories, clients and problems.

Built a reputation for being one of the good and the smart.

Then you decide to write a book.

A welcome a new set of highs and lows into your life.

But eventually you do it.

A book that not only conveys all you’ve learnt, but gives the reader valuable lessons on how to spot – or maybe even avoid – the same pitfalls along the way.

A labour of love.

And then – probably dues to exhaustion – you ask me to write a quote for the cover.

That’s stupid decision #1.

But it gets worse, because I send him this:

I once insulted Eaon at a conference. While I was on stage. Talking to a huge audience of his peers. He didn’t hit me. This is my way of saying thank you.

And despite that being true, he keeps it.

That’s definitely stupid decision #2.

Normally making 2 stupid decisions would automatically undermine any ability you are trying to claim, but Eaon Pritchard is a good, smart man [despite his awful judgement in who should write something for his book] so in an attempt to make amends, I would like to take this opportunity for you to keep an eye out for his new book.

It comes out early in 2018 and if you just ignore the quote [which I know you will] I think you’ll find it a terrific read.

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Proof planners are idiots and assholes.

Comment by DH

of all the fucking planners in all the fucking world, they had to pick you.

if eaon wants to know where it all went fucking wrong, he just has to look at that.

Comment by andy@cynic

I did try and point that out to him.

Comment by Rob

And to think I remember you when you couldn’t get a job. Well done Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

back when the world was making much smarter fucking decisions.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yep. Their loss is my gain.

Comment by Rob

Good days.

Comment by DH

But he didn’t decide to put you on the front cover or to write the foreword.

Comment by John

He did put me on the front cover. That’s bad decision #3.

Comment by Rob

Nobody reads long copy.

Comment by John

I bet there isn’t a picture of Rob though, he’s not that daft

Comment by northern

I thought that yellow, miserable round face was Rob.

Comment by DH

Oh, is that what he meant about being on the front cover

Comment by northern

Nice to have you back Northern. I think.

Comment by Rob

[…] last year, the very smart Eaon Pritchard wrote a fantastic book then ruined it by asking me to give a quote for the front […]

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