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Blah Wars …

I’ve previously written about the commercialization of Star Wars, but I recently saw this and realized it’s got much worse than I originally thought.

OK … so Star Wars cornflakes may be as terrible a tie-in as you can get, but seriously, have you ever seen something as utterly hideous as this …

Look, I get there’s some nerds out there who think Yoda is real … hell, there’s some planners out there who think they’re Yoda, but come on, who the hell would actually want this?

I swear to god, even the worst Norwegian Death Metal loving, 8-times-a-day masturbating, Star Wars fan wouldn’t want to be seen dead with this. And why would they … they live in a house where where the only light that enters their room comes from their computer screen as they play their 22nd straight hour of WOW.

Then there’s the price.




But as much as I’d like to dismiss this as the work of some insane individual, the fact is I know this utterly disgusting, bad-taste, Star Wars room light will sell in their thousands, so next time someone tries to kill your ideas with the excuse “no one would do that”, show them this ad and tell them not to be so quick with their assumptions.


but if it had fucking wifi youd order 2 wouldnt you. sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

you know what campbell, you have a psssing resemblance to yoda. only in looks though, dont get fucking excited.

Comment by andy@cynic

Poor Yoda.

Comment by DH

Lucky me.

Comment by Rob

“There’s some planners who think they’re Yoda.”

I’ll give you this Rob, you at least acknowledge the bullshit of your own discipline. You’re an equal opportunity character assassinator. At least you have that going for you.

Comment by DH

he makes trump look like carter.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

$180 is a small price to pay if the lamp is powered by the force.

Comment by Lee Hill

yoda is a fucking muppet puppet. fact.

Comment by andy@cynic

That shattered the myth about as comprehensively as you can get.

Comment by Rob

I guess Disney figures if they can have a Mickey Mouse lamp, they can do a Yoda lamp. Same thing innit.

Comment by Theo Erasmus

Disney think everything can be made for sale.

Comment by Pete

Wait until you go to Disney.

Comment by Nicole

Is there a Yoda at Disneyworld?

Comment by Theo Erasmus

Ride, or not ride. There is no queue.

Comment by Ian Gee

I am fairly certain I will be seeing a fair amount of these in the office.

Comment by George

Me too. It’s a cliche because it’s true.

Comment by Bazza

The fact that something is offered for sale doesn’t mean it will sell and certainly doesn’t mean I will accept other people’s daft ideas as potentially credible.

There’s one born every minute but that doesn’t often constitute a viable and sustainable market.

Comment by John

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