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Perception Is Not Reality …
April 24, 2017, 6:15 am
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So I recently watched the movie, The Big Short, again and was reminded of this quote …

God I love it.

Apart from being funny, I love it because it’s true.

As humans, we are inherently hypocritical. Not because we are bastards, but because it helps us survive and give us this highly competitive world.

Because as I wrote here, general honesty is better than raw truth.

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I wonder why you love that quote so much Mr Tough Love?

(It is great though)

Comment by Pete

More commonly known as Mr Bastard.

Comment by DH

Thank you, I’m sure my future colleagues will be so happy to read this. Fortunately I know they don’t based on the fact that if they did, I would never have got the job.

Comment by Rob

I honestly don’t understand this post and that’s the truth.

Comment by John

Be grateful.

Comment by DH

who the fuck cares.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s the kind of truth I like.

Comment by DH

Also why have you illustrated a quote frm a bar with a picture of a diner? Like I wrote, I really don’t understand this post.

Comment by John

I think it is a photo from the scene in the movie where the quote appears.

Comment by George

Yes it is … bloody hell, your memory is good.

Comment by Rob

I watched it on Friday.

Comment by George

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I think I question whether truth can be construed as poetry. Lies are far more poetic, imbued with immense creativity compared to the shallow pool of the truth.

Comment by partsocaster

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