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Boredom Makes Me More Stupid …

A while back, I wrote about how I was a marketing victim.

Well it appears I haven’t learnt a thing.

For reasons I literally do not understand – other than it was very late at night and I had been forced to wear proper shoes all day [no, really] because I was in Beijing and it was -11 – I found myself buying a bloody chakra bracelet from a Facebook ad.

I know, I know …

In my defence they were offering it at a 60% discount [probably because they knew it was utter crap and even they felt bad at selling it for full price] and it looked kind-of nice …

… but I appreciate these are not really much of a defence.

Anyway, when I got back to Shanghai, my purchase was waiting for me.

I must admit, I was kind-of nervous to open it … not just because I knew what I’d done was daft, but because Jill was looking at me with a ‘who are you?’ expression on her face.

So I opened it and while I admit that it sort-of looked like the picture in the ad [in the way the burger Michael Douglas ordered in the movie Falling Down, sort-of looked like the image on the restaurant menu] … let’s just say that for a guy who works in advertising, I’m still pretty damn good at falling for advertising.

I blame wearing shoes.

Yeah … it’s all shoes fault.


Wifi beads?

Comment by DH

Is this because of yesterday’s post?

If it is, I can’t wait for you to start buying the robes.

Comment by DH

No … very shitty, plastic beads. And how do I know?

Because the bloody things broke and scattered everywhere while I was in a meeting.

And don’t you dare say Karma!

Comment by Rob

oh for fucks sake campbell. most twats having a midlife crisis but a fucking porsche.

Comment by andy@cynic

on the plus, its your kind of fucking hideous.

Comment by andy@cynic

Very true. Martin Boase traded in his Bentley for a 911. Graham Rose promptly christened it ‘The Menoporsche’.

Comment by Ian Gee

So you were alone at night searching for beads on the internet.

Comment by John


Comment by DH

impressive doddsy. if hes looking for filthy fucker beads he looks a pervert and if hes looking for shitty pretend religious beads he looks a fucking sad bastard. keep it up.

Comment by andy@cynic

These are far worse than your last marketing victim story Robert. Far, far worse.

Comment by George

Hey Rob, next time you’re staying in a hotel let me know. I have a basement full of junk I want to sell you.

Comment by Bazza

Sounds like a Grindr profile

Comment by John

Speaking from experience?

Comment by DH

Your junk is his gold.

Comment by DH

this comment leaves a fucking nasty taste in my mouth. see what i did there?

Comment by andy@cynic

Thank goodness you cannot grow a ponytail.

Comment by Lee Hill

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