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This Is Either A Brilliant Display Of Consumer Understanding Or The Most Misguided Promotion Ever Created …

This is either brilliant insight or utter shopper mentalness.

Trouble is, I’m not sure which.

As I’ve written before, supermarkets have a history of falling into either of these camps.

From identifying brilliant moments of unexpected relevance to just shoving things together and hoping for the best.

I’m leaning towards this being ‘brilliant insight’ … just because they’re offering the ‘King Size’ bar, rather than the regular … but that could also be because I’d buy 5 packets of tampons for a free chocolate bar.

Hell, maybe this is what it is really about.

To give men who normally feel awkward buying this sort of thing for their wives/girlfriends/daughters, the courage to pick a box up.

Now that would be truly brilliant insight. Maybe even bordering on devious strategy.

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any idiot who came on here because of the last 2 days posts and thought campbell was semi smart, you should know this is him and this blog back to fucking normal.

Comment by andy@cynic

Now that is a “brilliant insight”

Comment by John

This post is still better than the usual standard.

Comment by DH

Fortunately all the people who comment on here are fiercely consistent. Obviously, in a terrible way.

Comment by Rob

I concede that Robert has taken this blog in a very different direction to the previous couple of days posts.

Comment by Lee Hill

Or it could be sexist nonsense suggesting that women can’t get through life without recourse to bad chocolate snacks.

Comment by John

so they give a mars bar or m&ms away.
basically chocolate that resembles cock and balls.
evil fucking genius.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sometimes I forget your mind works in very strange ways.

Comment by Rob

Disappointed they didn’t add “no strings attached” in the terms and conditions. Wasted opportunity.

Comment by DH

Funny. Immature, but funny.

Comment by George

almost fucking proud of you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh dear.

Comment by Rob

I was wondering whether the linkage here is that chocolate is often seen by females as a substitute for sex.

I.e. The offer is linked to menstrual products, when her chances of having (or having to have) sex are reduced, so she might prefer the chocolate instead?

It reminded me of that very, very old joke about an over-ambitious shop assistant who tried to sell a lawnmower to a guy who was buying tampons for his wife (as his weekend was screwed, he might as well mow the grass).

Any thoughts?

Comment by Ian Gee

Well the old ‘chocolate during a period’ thing is well known – whether it is true or not is another thing – but that kind of makes sense, but then I’d question if a king size Mars Bar or a massive packet of M&M’s is the best choice of chocolate to entice a woman.

Any women wish to enlighten me/us/sexist bastards?

Comment by Rob

no they dont campbell. story of your fucking life.

Comment by andy@cynic

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