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Hijacking Culture …

The term ‘marketing hijack’ is not a new thing.

Arguably created by Wieden and Nike, it is now so widely used that you have to question whether it even works as a strategy anymore.

At least when so many of the ads attempting to hijack actually are just blandom personified.

But it’s not just marketing that has got into this, the film industry has as well.

To be honest, this isn’t anything new either, however I recently watched a movie that seemed to do it more blatantly than most.

This is the movie …

Yes, it’s classic B-Grade, but anyone who watched the previous edition would probably agree with me that it was a bit of fun.

And then and I watched this version and it suddenly dawned on me that it wasn’t a B-Grade movie at all, it was an example of Donald Trump’s homeland security policy if he wins the presidency.

The World is already in a terribly scary place without this idiot trying to add petrol to the fire.

I hope America makes the right decision because I certainly don’t want these sorts of fictional horror movies suddenly turning into documentaries.

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I’d argue culture jacking started decades ago it’s just the media made culture. The Tour de France was created to sell newspapers and soap operas were created by soap brands
Now you can’t move for planned spontaneity.
That’s still better than being stalked around the web by brands selling you what you browsed for 2 seconds.
Can’t bring myself to talk about trump.

Comment by Northern

Why would you be up at this time Andrew? More specifically, why would you be up at this time and visiting this blog?

Comment by George

This blog is more fun than the pitch that’s keeping me up!

Comment by Northern

I hope everybody read the article that announced that “story telling” is dead (yet again) and you are now meant to focus on “story doing”.

Comment by John

Pitches. Weeks of pain for an hour presentation of anticlimax. While we had a good time with them at cynic, I don’t miss them at all.

Comment by George

you enjoyed them because you let me do all the fucking work. prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Fair point …

I suppose the question is can you actually hijack culture when everyone does it & everyone expects you to do it?

Sure, people still fall for it, but whether it’s effectiveness is as powerful is definitely open to interpretation – especially if all you’re doing is using that moment to sell something rather than make a point about something.

Comment by Rob

Can’t believe you watched that film by the way

Comment by Northern

You don’t know Robert as well as I thought if that is the case.

Comment by George

He has to find ways to fill his non-holiday work days.

Comment by John

I thought counting all his ironic t shirts would be ample diversion

Comment by Northern

That assumes a certain level of numeracy that his recent effort with percentages has thrown into doubt.

Comment by John

theyre like his presentations. the same shit with a slight tweak. what the fuck is jill doing with the fuckface?

Comment by andy@cynic

Wieden may have been one of the companies that hijacked culture in an interesting way, but they were not the instigators of that approach. As Northern states, media has been doing it for a long time because they realised cultural topicality drives sales. Even the movie industry have been leveraging this approach for many years, from Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” to “The Day After Tomorrow”.
It used to work. Now people are so aware of the tactic they ignore it or refuse to be drawn in debate with it. It is arguably one of the weakest strategies available to a brand these days, even more so when its execution means they will be hustled by 10 other brands all doing same thing.

Comment by George

this is no fucking place to make serious planner bollock comments like that.

Comment by andy@cynic

Interesting view. I actually thought this was THE place for such discourse. I stand corrected. Would you be so kind as to directing said “serious planner bollock comments” to a better suited place? (I am teeing you up here, Andy)

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Have you and Northern joined forces?

As I said above, these are fair points but ‘The Day After Tomorrow’? Really? I do remember it tied in with some climate control summit, but if the PR people think this really would raise the conversation about the environment, then they’re more crazy than most of the politicians PR advisors.

Comment by Rob

Do you blame us? And yes, the director of TDAT claimed the film was to spark debate during an international summit on climate control. I only remember because I found myself at the launch party and the studio announced it before showing the film.

Comment by George

I don’t so called cultural strategy is dead it’s just like with most things when lots of folks do it only 5%is any good. My placed loves the Oreo eclipse work we did but we got lucky and was one of the few that got noticed in a blizzard of visual puns with round things. The Lego ad break was great (we got other brands to remake ads out of Lego) but this arms race to interfere with stuff and be ever more spectacular or provocative means nobody wins and most of it doesn’t build brands it just gets you noticed for a bit (because too many folks misunderstand Byron sharpe).
It’s simple still I think. Don’t reflect culture back no one likes looking in the mirror for two long (except trump) find an answer to tension. I just think that folks don’t get that and it takes work. Any idiot can see stuff on the surface. For what it’s worth we are about to see lots of brands trying to do the brand as community thing which will look even worse – that’s not new either persil mums washed whiter
Anyway can you tell I’m on a train and forgot my book?

Comment by Northern

I liked that movie till I found out you liked it.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Ditto …

Comment by Rob

But Rob, the Donald is starting to apologize, he’s showing he isn’t really the racist liar he has spent a year communicating.

Comment by Bazza

This may not have been your intention Rob, but you’ve made me want to see this movie.

Comment by DH

Haven’t watched this edition, seen the first one. If you haven’t already, give Idiocracy a watch. It feels like a documentary given present times!

Comment by tajdaroc

Good to see fatherhood has not altered your unique viewing tastes Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

I watched the 1st film a couple of years ago and found it to be very disturbing. It gave me nightmares. Still does, actually.

Comment by Marcus Brown

This blog does that for me.

Comment by John

Hey Rob, I hope your family in Italy aren’t affected by the terrible earthquake. Sending good vibes.

Comment by Pete

Nice post! Don’t reflect culture back no one likes looking in the mirror for two long (except trump) find an answer to tension. By the way, my boss needed to fill out a form yesterday and encountered a business with a searchable forms database .


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