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If You Think Superman Is Fast, You Should See The Chinese DVD Pirates …

So the Olympics ends tomorrow.

Despite facing incredible apathy and backlash, I think it’s been pretty awesome.

Drama. Triumph. Legacies. Debate. Wonderfulness.


But that’s not why I want to write about.

I want to write about this …

What you see above is the DVD cover of the Rio Olympics opening ceremony.

It was available at my local DVD store in Shanghai within 4 days of the ceremony happening.

For the equivalent of 90pence.

Copied. Duplicated. Distributed within 4 days.


Say what you like about the morality of what they’re doing – or lack of it – but you have to admit that’s quick.

Usain Bolt quick.

And if the IOC and Rio Authorities are pissed off about this … I’ll leave them with this.

China only focuses on things they can make money from, so by being copied, they’re saying there was demand for it.

In other words, you did a good job,

In even plainer speak, it’s a [kind-of] compliment.

And besides, you can’t really complain about doing bad things, when you used[?] to do this.

So enjoy the praise and look forward to the closing ceremony.

I can send you a DVD of it in about 4 days if you like …

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I’m guessing DVD stores exist because internet speed is awful?

Comment by Pete

not awful enough to stop this fucking blog being written every fucking day.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yep … though internet speed for Chinese based companies is remarkably fast.

What is interesting is we had a streaming box which offered amazing choice from around the World [which, admittedly was all stolen content] but the DVD mafia here had the government close it down.

And they did … because the owners of the streaming company were based in HK and the government want all money – whether it’s for legitimate business or not – spent inside China’s walls, rather than outside of their direct control.

Comment by Rob

As Google discovered and Apple are right now.

Comment by Pete

You better believe it …

Comment by Rob

Bet they’re not quick enough to get a film of you working.

Comment by Billy Whizz

The criminal business process is a more efficient process. Yes, there is less quality control but there is also less bureaucracy in decision making.

Comment by George

you have just described nottingham.

Comment by andy@cynic

Do you think the Chinese faked the British olympic team because they are much better than the genuine version I’ve seen previously.

Comment by DH

maybe they can melt down all their medals to try and pay off the fucking massive overspend of 2012.

Comment by andy@cynic

And congratulations on your first topical post.

Comment by DH

Thank you. It will never happen again.

Comment by Rob

can you get me the new fucking star wars movie then campbell, im sure those thieving fucks have it before its fucking finished.

Comment by andy@cynic

I have bought a lot of movies from the DVD store that haven’t even been released yet, let alone on DVD.

Comment by Rob

They should open up a delivery service, they’re quicker and more reliable than UPS and Fedex.

Comment by Bazza

When I was in China, I used to buy all the Oscar nominated movies to watch before the Awards.

90% of those Chinese pirate DVDs had rolling text that said “This copy is provided to members of the Academy for judging purposes only and is not for sale or distribution…”

So you know who to blame – Hollywood itself.

Comment by Ian Gee

Yes … I still get those.

And the ones that say, “property of Qantas”.

Comment by Rob

on brand for those thieving aussie crims.

Comment by andy@cynic

Since “travel is one of the greatest things ever” might I suggest a road trip

Comment by John

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