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From Protectors To Feared
February 24, 2016, 6:20 am
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So someone I know recently sent me this …

Putting aside that it’s sad this sort of thing even needs to be said, it’s a smart move.

Of course, doing more in the community would probably help them change perceptions more effectively … not to mention get them some more positive PR … but with funding cuts and more expectations placed on them by local governments, it can be argued they’re doing as much as they can, hence the need to do ads like this.

When I saw it, it reminded me of something I heard in a Michael Moore documentary.

There were some people in France who said something like …

“Our government are frightened of us but in America, it seems the people are scared of their government”.

The reason I say it is because when I was growing up, I respected the Police.

They were the people I’d go to if I was in trouble. The people I was nervous of upsetting. The folks who made sure everything and everyone was safe. It’s part of the reason I was desperate to be one until 14 … where I discovered the seductive powers of the electric guitar.

OK, so that could also be because I grew up in a good area, before Nottingham evolved to being Europe’s most dangerous city per capita.

But nowadays, the Police are seen as the enemy.

Not just in the bad areas, but every area.

The people to fear.

The folks who are out to get you.

The ones who only look to protect the rich.

Which is why they have to put out posters like the ones above. To remind people that’s not who they are or what they do.

It’s sad.

On the bright side, they’re not in America … because with the shit that is reported their on a seemingly daily basis, the Police would have to go and hand out cheques before anyone would ever trust them again.

Which proves that you can spend years building up positive credit, but a few bad moves and it can all fall apart … which is why brands love using research like link testing, because they think it protects them from making mistakes when all it actually does is stop them saying or doing anything of cultural significance or impact.

And when we live in a World where we look to spend money on things that WON’T change anything, you have to say we’ve reached peak madness.

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Peak madness. I agree with that, as proven by the current success of Donald Trump.

Comment by George

Yes, it’s getting a bit scary now …

Then again, if he does get in, America will soon learn the folly of falling for bluster without policies.

Comment by Rob

I just had a huge debate with the person you despise most -Cindy – on the recent Chinese American police officer who got sentenced to manslaughter.

It wasn’t even a debate – we were both on the same page…hahah

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Comment by Charinee

Is this a mistake comment? Don’t you know someone Charinee? WordPress has gone weird.

Comment by DH

im fucking gutted you despise some fucker ive never heard of campbell more than all the other pricks who are worthy of your vitriol. what the fuck has happened to you?

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t worry Andy, I don’t despise Charinee’s friend the most in the World … she’s a mere amateur in terms of being an annoying arse. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Did you mean to post this on here Charinee … especially as you emailed me the same thing too. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I knew they couldn’t run that poster in Nottingham because the kids are bad there.

Comment by DH

I trust a British cop more than a US one.

Comment by Bazza

Planner’s reckon about attitudes to the police there Rob. British Social Attitude Survey suggests otherwise, but I guess they don’t poll wrong uns like you.

Comment by john

Your comment suggests the police also have the wrong information John.

Comment by Pete

They’re not suggesting that at all, they’re telling parents to stop misnforming their kids. There’s nothing in this that speaks to attitudes to the police – only about attitudes to what happens if you do something wrong and your parents have lied to you.

Comment by john

Sorry, I disagree. If parents are telling kids that they will go to jail if they do something wrong, then kids will look at the police as people to fear.

Comment by Pete

Which is why they’re running the campaign. But all I’m saying is that yours and Rob’s assumption is not borne out in social surveys – the trust level is about 65% . That’s down from where it used to be, but it’s still in the majority and nothing lose to them “being seen as the enemy … in every area”.

Comment by john

But I’m probably just being overly positive.

Comment by john

65% trust the fucking police? maybe in middle fucking class england but not in the places the tories fucking want to destroy.

Comment by andy@cynic

For comparison, a recent study in the US stated 52% of Americans trust the police, a 22 year low. The information was compiled through phone and internet surveys over a period of 7 day so I will leave you to determine how representative these figures are.

Comment by Lee Hill

I was going to suggest the 52% who feel confident in the police are the wealthy of America, but then I remembered that there’s no way 52% of American’s are wealthy … so either the data is flawed, the methodology is small or the people really have more faith than I imagined. Or all 3.

Comment by Rob

Fair point John, but my post talks about how many feel the Police are a group to fear or who are out to get them. Maybe that is because of misinformation given by parents or maybe it is because of what they see or read in the media … but whatever the reason [and I haven’t seen the report you quote, but I’d be interested to see how it was compiled] the Police in Durham felt it necessary to restate their position which is a pretty sad thing if you think about it.

Comment by Rob

And what do you care anyway, you beat my mob 1-0, I thought that’s all you really cared about.

Comment by Rob

your pile of shit losing again is about as surprising as david cameron talking fucking shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Have you ever won?

Comment by DH

With police and politicians no longer holding the prestige they once enjoyed, I wonder if we will see people flock back towards religion? They don’t have the best of records either but society needs someone or something to believe in.

Comment by Pete

theres more fucking options than the fucking church to believe in. id believe in youporn before i believe those money thieving hypocritical kiddie fiddlers.

Comment by andy@cynic

though the pope is alright. even more now he fucked over trump.

Comment by andy@cynic

If the cops want to be cool with the kids, they should stop putting a cellphone from 1997 on their kit.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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