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England Is Becoming America …
May 20, 2015, 6:15 am
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When I was in the UK recently, we found ourselves in a cheap and cheerful hotel.

While it was clean and quiet, it had no food service and so if you wanted to eat, you went to the cheap and cheerful pub next door.

In-keeping with these sorts of ‘restaurants’, the menu consisted of food that was cooked by being placed in a deep fat fryer … but what really got me was the portion sizes.

Frankly they were huge.

I mean absolutely massive.

And this is coming from a man that loves his [bad] food.

What the hell is going on?

What’s worse is they are trying to make it even bigger.

Seriously, look at this:

Yes … despite offering basically a whole set of farm yard animals on a plate, they offer you the opportunity to ‘Go Large’.

Are they mad?

They used to say that anyone who visited the US for 2 weeks would put on about 7 pounds over that time, but I bet it’s the same – if not more – when you now visit the UK.

Of course part of the reason – and there are many – is that the food companies have made us think quantity represents value.

Our minds now look at the portion size and compare that with the price to evaluate whether we are getting a good deal.

Doesn’t matter it’s full of fat, salt and sugar.

Doesn’t matter that it contains way more than anyone needs in a single meal.

Doesn’t matter that there are more calories than Elvis could munch down.

Value is now often viewed as quantity not quality – especially when we’re talking about prices of between 5 and 10 pounds – so it’s no surprise many lower income families view this sort of food as their average dinner.

Years ago Jamie Oliver took this issue on with his school dinners program.

Regardless what you think of him, I thought this was a great idea but sadly, it’s still easier to obtain food like this – at least in the UK – than something approaching anything with some health value.

With so much pressure on NHS funding, surely it’s time the Government start taxing companies who make this junk and cause future health problems?

I know ultimate responsibility lies with the parent/consumer but by the same token, when people are literally surrounded by opportunities to choose the wrong thing – driven by big corporations who do all they can to push their low-quality food drug [as seen in the brilliant W+K WeightWatchers ad below] into the hearts, minds & mouths of society – surely a Government whose job is to protect it’s citizens should step in?

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Go Large my arse… A paltry 8 oz steak indeed! Here in the Fourth Reich (Idaho) we have a place just down the road that does something called “Mess-0-Chops.” It’s EIGHT pork chops on a mountain of fries (chips to you wankers) all covered in thick gravy. They serve it with bread sticks which are like loaves. That’s going fucking Large! Yum…
Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

Comment by George Parker

True. But I remember a place near where I lived that did steaks so big they’d pay the bill if you finished it and no one ever did. Though now I wonder if it was less about the size and more to do with how tough it must have been. Clever buggers.

Comment by Rob

But a shitter version of the mighty USA.

Comment by Billy Whizz

but without the fuckwit yankee assholes.

Comment by andy@cynic

this post explains why you probably think you have a massive cock. but in the real world, its a fucking mini chipolata and in the land where extra small is fucking huge, it wouldnt register as a fucking currant on a fucking racetrack. and dont get me started on what the people of fucking texas would think of it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t understand where this came from but I like it.

Comment by DH

Fair point. But my best friends penis is still truly massive.

Comment by Rob

You’re wrong Rob. Whatever size food England offers, America does it so much better. Where else in the world would you be able to buy a drink that is larger than the human stomach can physically hold? America. Fuck yeah.

Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

I see life in the land of central planning has rubbed off on you. How would you have the government control my life?

Comment by John

Life in commie china.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I know … I know … and I agree, people have to take responsibility of their actions [which I do say in the post] but when the government have helped corporations to profit from making the population unhealthy – which is what they’ve done, whether in terms of giving food subsidies on corn based products [which is the core ingredient of so much of what we consume each day] that makes it an ultra-low cost/high profit ingredient to create things from through to letting supermarkets fuck over farmers in terms of what they grow – there is some responsibility that should be placed back on them, especially if they’re so intent on underfunding the NHS.

But yes, it’s the people’s choice. Just sometimes the choice isn’t as clear-cut as they should have.

Comment by Rob

I think the government should act on issues like footwear and bad taste in music.

Comment by John

I have to agree with David. Portion size in England is still no match for the US, despite growing at an alarming rate back. In my experience, Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta and New York are the worst of the worse. Order a starter there and you get a family meal for four. Specifically, a starter that requires deep fat frying.

Comment by Lee Hill

I now want a mixed grill.

Comment by George

Tragically, so do I. And it’s only 10:30am here.

Comment by Rob

Smother it in some nacho “cheese” and you have an American meal

Comment by Bryan

Actually that’s an ‘old’ American meal, the new version of it is this:

Comment by Rob

Exhibit A of American Exceptionalism

Comment by Bryan

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