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An Open Letter To The Toilet Advertising Federation. Or Whatever They Might Be Called.
September 9, 2013, 6:10 am
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While visiting a public toilet recently [for natural reasons, not George Michael reasons] I saw your ‘advertisement’ for bathroom media.

I hope you won’t take offense, but I would like to point out a slight flaw with your communication, though I hasten to add, it is a slight flaw that many in the advertising industry continue to make, so I hope you will take my comment in the manner it is meant.

You see while I did indeed see your piece of communication – and even smiled because of it – the fact remains seeing something doesn’t mean you want to explore that relationship any further.

Especially while holding your penis and urinating.

Unless you’re a pervert.

The fact is, I look at red-headed children and there’s no way in hell I’d want one of those.

Maybe you need to re-think how you articulate your benefit, though to be honest, you might be better off asking yourself who you are trying to impress with your ‘ad’, because I’m guessing the amount of people who visit your facilities and are also in a position to actually buy some of your media is kind of small.

Which again highlights the point that awareness means nothing if you’re not speaking to the right audience.

Kindest regards,


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Seems to me that their claim would only be valid if you washed your hands and went to buy some toast.

Comment by John

What if its an ad for hand wash because they know people have a piss then buy toast without washing their hands.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Your mind works in scary ways Billy.

Comment by Rob

Now I definitely don’t want toast.

Ever again.

Comment by Felix

Nice to see you have come back with a classic Rob post. Read: weird and pointless.

Comment by DH

Though you get points for the red head kid slur. Nice work.

Comment by DH

A weapon for mass contraception.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That awareness is still used as commercial validation amazes me. I also like your point about who they are trying to target with this ad. I know media people are humans too, but what % will see this in comparison to the amount of people who will use the facilities every day? I would assume there is more wastage with this ad than the toilet deals with each week.

Good to have you back Rob.

Comment by Pete

Do you ever stop being you?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yep, I agree with you Pete … but then I would, because basically you’re agreeing with me. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

I’d much rather read graffiti – my latest favourite -” Jesus raves “.

Points deducted for the red head slur – my red headed son is no different from a brown or blonde headed one; no different than jokes about skin colour – not funny.

Comment by Notes To Ponder

It’s pretty funny.

Comment by Billy Whizz

‘Impressions’ is not a measure of success.
My little boy is a redhead by the way

Comment by northern

Campbell is busted.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Red headed slur aside, it is very nice to have you back Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Maybe they are targeting a demographic that doesn’t include you: “people who piss who also own businesses and don’t know how to plan successful advertising campaigns”

And at least they didn’t put a fucking QR code on it – I don’t understand people who want to encourage the taking of photos in the toilets…

Comment by Shackleford Hurtmore

Maybe you’re right. And even if you are, the small business owners will be wrong – unless they’re selling wart cream or something. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Agree that the only sensible adverts to put here would be: “If your cock looks like this, you need Fentiman’s Patented Healing Unction, available from the discrete dispenser behind you”.

Comment by Shackleford Hurtmore

But they did put a QR code on it! 😕

Comment by Archon's Den

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