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Lucille Ball Understands Insight Better Than Planners …
August 26, 2011, 6:10 am
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“If a man correctly guesses the age of a woman, he may be smart, but he’s not very bright.”

Genius. And she didn’t even need a 100 page powerpoint document to explain her point.

Planners, take note.

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fuck me a short blog post. what the fuck is going on?

Comment by andy@cynic

Lull you into a false sense of insecurity.

Comment by Rob

if a bloke is trying to guess the age of a bird hes either a milf hunter or a gary fucking glitter.

Comment by andy@cynic

Of course he’s not bright, he should just ask her how old she is because it can be used in your defence if the authorities get involved later.

Comment by Billy Whizz

If a man could guess the insight of a planner …

Comment by john

youd be wasting your fucking time.

Comment by andy@cynic

or another planner post rationalising to their hearts pointless fucking content.

Comment by andy@cynic

or a 3 year old retarded kid.

Comment by andy@cynic

You were asking for that John. So was I, I suppose …

Comment by Rob

Why is she orange?

Comment by DH

carrots? tango? sunbed? a scouse bird for a beautician? youd still do her though wouldnt you dave. then billy would still do her based on what she looks like today. even a bird who is breathing isnt fucking mandatory for him anymore.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re wrong Andy. I only do women who are breathing. I’m much older and wiser these days.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Your mum will be so proud.

Comment by DH

You know, they are all lovely. I learned that from a wonderful person I worked with in London called – real name – Graham Cartwright – but known as Yogi von Bonfire. I was being my usual critical male pig, criticizing somebody’s body shape or facial structure or tit ratio and he said “You know Ciaran, they’re all lovely.” He’s right.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

stop with that hippy shit. theyre plainly not all fucking lovely and if you think that its time for the coffin. or google.

pull yourfuckingself together ciaran, i thought you were one of me, not one of them.

Comment by andy@cynic


Ciaran. Get a grip. Please.

Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

where is my pen?

damn it

Comment by jim

OK. So who fucked you off?

Comment by Marcus

Better to ask who didn’t …

How are you?

Comment by Rob

[…] I don’t know what the other planners asked to answer these questions said – and I’ll be very interested to know – but for me, I am hoping to hell they’re not encouraging planners to believe they are the ‘brains of advertising’, because as my Dad said … if you say you’re intelligent, then you’re not really that smart. […]

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