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Is This The Greatest/Worst [Delete Based On Your Sense Of Humour] Name For A Vacuum Cleaner In History?
June 9, 2011, 6:33 am
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Say it quickly. Go on …

That’s right, sounds like DEEP POO.

I don’t know if I’d buy it, but I sure as shit would remember it.

Of course that sounds like I’m endorsing what I always slag off, which is basically this attitude that as long as you grab attention, it doesn’t matter – even if it undermines the potential value of the brand – however obviously I’m not, I’m taking the piss, which obviously would require DEEPOO’s biggest competitor, DEEPWEE to clean up.

And before you think I’m being mean to Chinese manufacturers, I’m not, I’m being mean to Spanish manufacturers … which shows [1] how important it is to get an understanding of brand name meaning when selling brands internationally, [2] how ‘naming strategies’ are – if done by a major brand consultancy – a waste of time and money] and [3] how utterly pathetic and petty I am.

But you knew all this already.

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They should sponsor this blog.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Good call Billy but the Monica Lewinsky edition of the deepoo cleaner wouldn’t have enough power to clean up all the rubbish from this blog.

Comment by DH

And the answer to your question is no.

Cleanyourfuckingmessup would be.

Honourable attempt by deepoo though.

Comment by DH

I’m sure that makes them feel so much happier.

Comment by Rob

even though he hasnt really convinced me… calling schlomo freud!

fax machine. vacuum cleaner. whats it going to be tomorrow.

im too lazy to look it up, but is it at least such a little self-moving vc?

Comment by peggy

yes it is

Comment by peggy

hell write some shit about the vcr and the sodafuckingstream tomorrow. why the fuck do we put ourselves through it.

Comment by andy@cynic

Funny you should say that …

I always feel ripped off I never got a Sodastream. My Dad said he’d get me one but then that never happened.

I know it was shit, but given back then I was only allowed one can of ‘pop’ a week [the e numbered epileptic fit inducing ‘Tizer’] I saw the undergassy, bad taste and poor imitation Sodastream as offering me a juvenile soft drink lifeline.

Errrrm, that’s it.

Comment by Rob

why? to revel in wit. thats the result of my research, so far.

Comment by peggy

whats even more interesting. why do you do it rob? cant all be a crowdsourcing tool can it.

Comment by peggy

you fucking racist. oh theyre dagos. fair fucking call then.

confuckingratulations on a new blog post low campbell. never thought you could beat writing about your best friends cock bit this does it.

you send shit out every fucking day and nothing happens. some congressman sends a photo of his cock to just 6 fucking people and he gets put on the front fucking pages and ridiculed.

proof you sold your soul to satan. or youre too fucking insignificant for anyone to give a shit about. probably both.

Comment by andy@cynic

For a horrible moment, I thought you said:

“I never thought you could write about beating your best friends cock”

… but fortunately, you missed that opportunity to further sully my name. Besides, I was young and needed the money when that happened. Boom Tish.

[Note how I added that to make sure no one actually thinks I did anything with my best friends cock]

Comment by Rob

This post was so profound my eyes exploded.

Comment by Alex

i dont know who the fuck you are alex. dont even know if youre a man or a woman thanks to your unisex friendly name, but whoever the fuck you are, that kind of sarcasm is very fucking welcome on here and you can come back any fucking time you like. but if you have any sense, youll stay the fuck away and have a good shower in some acid to wash the rancid smell of planner shit off your skin.

Comment by andy@cynic

Why thank you. Last time I checked I am very much a man, or at least, I’ve got all the right bits…

But showering in acid is passe. I prefer washing in the sweat of our wonderful aussie politicians.

Comment by Alex

Hi Alex, it would appear you’re a natural for this place. You poor sod.

Comment by Rob

aussie politicians? theyre like real politicians just with annoying fucking accents and no influence or fucking power whatsofucking ever arent they.

Comment by andy@cynic

the good news campbell is if i was going to buy you a birthday present, i know what id get you. but im not spending a fucking cent on you. not one.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s OK Andy, you’ve given me more than enough over the years.

Even if you didn’t quite realise it till way too late.

Comment by Rob

yes you fucking have you money stealing fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

One is reminded of the Chevy Nova naming error re: international marketing.

Comment by Carol L. Weinfeld

Errrm yes. God I am so pathetic.

Comment by Rob

Pity you don’t limit yourself to one can a week these days.

Comment by john

Maybe Deep Poo is alluding to the standard of mess that this quality and sexy product is capable of hovering.

Comment by A

You are saying deep poo is sexy. Who are you, Chuck Berry?

Comment by Rob

have you seen todays google doodle?

Comment by peggy

handy youve got a vacuum cleaner campbell because this post is fucking shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

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