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Christian Bale Throws A Queenie …
February 4, 2009, 6:42 am
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… no, I’m not talking about a member of the rock group, I’m talking about a grade-A, force-10 prima-donna tantrum.

As you listen to him rage like a mad man with a confused accent, remember this is a 35 year old man who dresses up as a bat!

On the brightside Christian, you’ve single-handily set up a new comic hero franchise, ‘Twatman‘. Congrats.

[Could Hollywood lawyers please go to Age who sent this to me in the first place. While you’re at it, sue Telstra for making the most stupid promotional offer in history]

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I used to like Christian Bale but this has made me think he’s a wanker.

Talk about over reaction and yet no one stands up to him and tells him a twat. Except the sound recordist who obviously thinks leaking this is some form of justice.

You say he’s a 35 year old man dressed as a bat but he acts like a 5 year old.

Comment by Bazza

Word is that the film producers sent this audio file to their insurance company just in case Bale (for a list of reasons – douche-bag being one of them) decided he would walk out on the film and demand they still pay him his inflated fee.

Thanks for the props, Rob.

Comment by Age

this must have been recorded at the set of american psycho.

Comment by peggy

Other side of the story

Comment by John

I actually know Christian and this clip is painting him in an unnecessarily bad light.

Haven’t we all had days where we could have conducted ourselves slightly better? Christian wouldn’t deny that he is a very serious and intense actor but I can testify he is a man of great integrity and decency.

I know this didn’t originate from you or Age, but it is very unfortunate that he will become known for this outburst rather than his talent.

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s a real pity that no-one stood up to him. He’s just being a bully.

Lee – whilst I can understand your sentiment, have you ever spoken to someone like that?

Comment by Ben

Lee, good points taken. And I don’t deny he’s a great actor. In fact, I’ve enjoyed nearly everything he’s been in, and think the Terminator movie will be awesome. But having a bad day or not, that kind of tantrum is completely unprofessional. He could of handled it much better by speaking directly to the lead producer or director instead of making a scene in front of god knows how many people on a big set like that.

As for his talent, I’m sure this will all blow over (every novelty web moment eventually does) and then everyone will continue to enjoy his films. I guess for now, he’s just gotta accept the backlash from this brain-snap.

Comment by Age

Hello Ben.

I would rather not get into a debate on this subject because it puts me in a rather difficult position. What I will say is that I’ve known Christian for many years and in all that time he has never once displayed this side of his character towards me or any of our mutual acquaintances.

This does not mean I am advocating his behaviour but it is prudent to remember the full circumstances leading up to this uncharacteristic explosion of frustration are not clear and the only people who will really know what happened are those who were present, not those who have listened to an mp3 recording.

I concede on face value it does not paint Christian in a positive light but there are always 2 sides to everything and everyone aren’t there.

Comment by Lee Hill

He does come across as unnecessarily harsh (without the full picture), but give the guy a break! He’s having a bad day. Sometimes, good people do bad things…happens all the time. At least I hope that’s the case or I would consider myself to be a really bad father.

In all his rage, he does actually give the light guy credit for being a nice guy (separating who he is from what he did), which he wouldn’t if he was a prick.

Perhaps I’m just siding with Christian because I frequently feel I’m surrounded by people who remind me of that light guy, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and am inclined to think he apologised after. Wouldn’t you?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I sometimes forget I have some ‘connected people’ on this blog.

Jesus, I must have insulted loads of people you consider friends. I sense I owe you a big dinner again don’t I!

PS: I take on board all your comments, I know this would be hard for you to talk about but given you could have shut up and stand back – your loyalty to your friend is admirable. Even if he [potentially] did behave like a pillock. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Putting aside the reasons behind Christian’s outburst … and accepting we all can lose our rag at times … if anyone ever spoke to me like that in a work situation – regardless of what I did – I would want to smash their faces in and I know you would feel the same Freddie.

OK, so he said “you’re a nice guy but …” however he then follows that statement up by threatening to kick the guys “fucking ass” so I would give him no credit at all.

We all work with the odd idiot – or are that idiot – but if we went around reacting like that, we’d end up lonely, broke and unemployed.

Being ‘blunt’ and being ‘vicious’ are very different things and to react like that tends to mean you are either surrounded by “yes men” or are under immense pressure.

Whilst I understand the huge amounts of money at risk in a Hollywood movie – Christian is getting paid more money for 6 months work than most people could dream about in a lifetime – so bad day or not, it’s a shit reaction and I would suggest he spends more time with Lee than his PR entourage.

Comment by Rob

Hi Lee. Would you like me to bring a Rob Campbell voodoo doll when I next see you?

Comment by Pete

it is a very grey area indeed, the talent vs tolerance discussion.

while everybody will say what everybody here has been saying, the bottom line is that the bottom line (self preservation) still overrules most in reality.

Just look at whistleblowers and their treatment (kiwi/oz grump crowe as the tabacco canary comes to mind).

plus there is the whole “stop snitching” mentality that is still very ingrained in the human mind.

You speak up and you end up lonely, broke and unemployed as well Rob.

so you are a dick, you lose, you stand up to dicks you lose more often.

it’s also a culture/nurture and education issue. why do children hear, “stop being a taddle tale”? either it is good to tell on matters you find bad all the time or it is not. so as kids we learn that sometimes you shut up and sometimes you don’t. and the implicit message most of the time is: “when in doubt shut up”.

If parents don’t instill a sense of fair and justice in kids, they will never learn as adults.

Rob, you were one of the lucky ones (from what I know about your folks). count your blessings.

P.S. Michael Caine carried Batman, we all know that

Comment by niko

I actually agree with Lee here.
If we took some of your rants out of context and played it to people it would probably make them think badly of you.

Sure he might sound like a twat, but I hazard a guess that all of us at some time do.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’m just impressed at his levels of anger. After 2 minutes, you think it’s going to stop. But no – it keeps on and on.

It’s just a storm in a teacup. Would I do it? Probably not. Do I think any less of him? Not really, i’ll still go to his films.

NB: This is bookended by saying that it’s acting, and not like a ‘real job’ in my eyes – far more emotion and prima donnas flying about. Christ, if that happened to someone at my work, i’d be the first to lose all respect for them.

Comment by Will

I suspect that the continuation of the rant might have something to do with preparing for the next take. Or am I just being cynical.

By the way does Lee know any starlets?

Comment by John

Thanks Pete … career limiting move #12.

I actually don’t know what you are trying to say Niko. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the sentiment and I am well aware how lucky I am to have been blessed with parents who encouraged me to speak up whenever I felt something should/had to be said – but I don’t get what your conclusion is. Is it we’re all fucked whatever happens or that we should all keep our mouths shut because what will be will be? I don’t get it.

And Mr M, I don’t think you can compare the rubbish I write on this blog to Christian Bale’s tanty.

I know some of the things I’ve written have offended people but apart from the odd Jeremy Beadle post [which was wrong and I which I apologised for because I realised I was way out of line] it has been because someone hasn’t liked my – believe it or not – semi thoughtout viewpoint rather than me character assasinating a person simply because my ego had me believe my viewpoint was the only one that mattered.

Anyway I think Will sums up the really amazing part of the whole episode … he can stay at peak anger for longer than almost any other person I’ve ever known/heard about … and given I work with Andy, that is quite extroidinary.

Comment by Rob

Naive John … naive.

Have you found God? [or is that who you see in the mirror each morning?]

Comment by Rob

teach kids to stand up no matter what…

Comment by niko

Im not directly comparing his outburst with your rants! I just agree with Lee’s point, that out of context with no back story or counter argument its easy for both to be more damming than they should be.

What if the lighting guy had been doing this for the entire shoot? What if he had been rude to Bale for days before? What if Bale had asked him nicely earlier?

Not saying he doesn’t sound like a (big) prick mind…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Of course, the most important thing about the whole episode is this:

Pure GOLD. 🙂

Comment by Will

This blog is like one of those limey soap shows where you can miss 10000 episodes and still pick up the thread of whats been going on in about 3 seconds. Hope the usual suspects are doing good, catch you later.

Comment by Billy Whizz

will – that is fucking gold. and, as mentioned a few times on age’s blog, what the fuck is it with his accent?

as usual, i’ve got my jaded, suspicious hat on and expecting it to be PR for the movie… which, for the first time ever, i hope it is. how shit would it be to be on set after that – justified or not. ew.

billy – that’s not good enough. sorry, come back and do that again.

Comment by lauren

Good on him …

[Yes Lee, you were right, ha!]

Comment by Rob

He is nothing but an overpaid bully 5 year old pillock. The arsehole. He certainly overdid the scene. That was no way to gain respect. The lighting guy made a mistake but there was no need to rant on for 15 minuts. A REAl professional would not have done this. The prick.

Comment by Paul

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