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Thick Or Clever?
November 14, 2008, 7:34 am
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One short plank

Two short planks

First of all, click here: T E S T M Y B R A I N/

Yes Paul, it’s nice and all that – but surely if you were a clever sod, you wouldn’t order your pizza from Pizzahut.

Guess this is what happens when creatives try and do their own strategy 🙂

PS: Have you sold my ‘pants’ idea yet???

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so let me get this straight. yesterday you write about how you crave the genius and brilliance of creatives involvement because you know without them you are nothing but a piece of festering shit and today you make some snidey fuckface comment about our ability to be relevant to the task and think you can get away with it?

you sad and misguided fuck.

the only good thing about this is that your blog is back to its pointless and mindless shite and i think everyone who stupidly praised you yesterday will agree with that.

and well fucking done paul on the “test” but did you miss an op to get pizzahut to call their super cheesy pizza the george bush?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Bazza

I thought we’d done this post already or is this that deja vu thing all over again 😉 (That’s a Yogi Berrism for those who don’t know their pop philosophy)

Now then, important news because I’ve been bending THE GOOGLE for a while now and you are on the third page for searching just the word “opinionated”

I think with a little crowd sourcing we can make you the number one search term in the the BIG WIDE universe for “opinionated”

So please everybody enter this url in and click on Robs blog so that THE GOOGLE knows who is boss or just google opinionated and go to page 3 of search terms.,CYBA:2008-46,CYBA:en&q=opinionated&start=20&sa=N

I just remembered Google are your client but anyway. This is between you me and the internet so it should be OK 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

Quick question for Bazza:

Who is responsible for the HUGE Apple banner ad currently annoying the fuck out of me on youtube?

Could you talk to them please. And tell them TO FUCKING WELL STOP IT.


Comment by Marcus

Oh and Bazza, could you check on the progress of the Apple search engine?

Comment by Niko

Thanks Charles – but all I have to do is turn to my left and have a quiet word with the very nice Jonathan and I’m sure he can sort it out for you/me in one press of a button.

Maybe I should get him to link “Bag Of Shite” to McCann’s or “sex pest” to Doddsy while I’m at it?

Baz – you’ve been gone almost a year and in that time Apple have alienated a bunch of people, I know you might see this as some sort of personal accolade, but it is not good. I can only assume you are trying to get a job at TBWA with your negative disruption strategy.

And Marcus, the sheep are gone but not in a sandwich. I hope you understand what I mean.

I’m having a shit, shit day and it’s only really just started so I’m going to log off and have a row with some people which with a bit of luck, might improve my mood for the rest of the day.

Have a top weekend.

Comment by Rob

I understand. And it makes me sad.

Comment by Marcus

At least the sheep are happy. Unless they see Dodds behind them!

Comment by Rob

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