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May 29, 2007, 3:50 pm
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robot 2

Because in 2 days of working at home, I have written the presentations which in the previous 2 weeks, I had failed to do.

Actually ‘failed to do’ isn’t quite right … ‘fuck all’ is a better evaluation.

So what does this all say to me? 

It say’s that if I was unemployed, I’d be bloody efficient. Bum!

Still got one to write, but at the speed I’m working, it’ll be finished errrrrrrrm, probably about 3 seconds before the conference starts next Tuesday!

The words: OWN WORST ENEMY seem quite apt at this point.

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JIT eh?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Nice use of the business studies terms Mr M.

(some) unemployed people are efficient. 😉

But, I know how you feel about own worst enemy. You’ve got mail.

Comment by Will

Thanks Will!

Now lets sing company motto: Knife goes in, guts come out, thats what Osaka seafood concern is all about…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You can tell you’ve done your presentations because you’re blogging like a maniac. 🙂

Comment by Pete

Will, just responded to you so as long as Mr Internet behaves himself [he is a him you know] you should have it any sec.

And Pete … smartarse.

Got a few things to do, so off now – but speak to you all tomorrow when hopefully I won’t be pontificating about the last fucking preso, haha!

Comment by Rob

Rob – just call me Mr Sparkle.

Comment by Will

And Rob (Cynic) – got it, responded. I’ve had a followup email from x and it’s all positive, so eh.

Can’t be too pissy (yet).

Comment by Will

No problem Mr Sparkle-San!

Have an orange soda… It burns!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

This isn’t like an American gameshow, where you promote intellect.

This is a Japanese gameshow, where we punish stupidity.

Comment by Will

He may look fine, but he is suffering internally. *applause*

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Why am I on a box of detergent?

Comment by Will

I’ll take “Ouch that hurts”…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hey, it’s that cartoon that causes seizures…

Comment by Will

Hey look, Dads on TV…ARGH!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Ah, another Godzilla attack..

Comment by Will

Come onnnnn Transylvania.

No man, me wanna go home to Jamaica

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hey, those bullfrogs are eating all their crops!

Comment by Will

I suddenly feel very, very old. Thanks Will, Thanks Mr M.

Comment by Marcus

But that episode wasnt in Japan Will!!!

He just wants to boot you once, with a regular shoe…

No problem Marcus 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Marcus – this is borne from years and years and years of Simpsons watching. Rob M and I are kindred spirits about this.

Can’t I switch eps? You bugger.

I’d have called ’em chuzzwozzahs.

Comment by Will

You can, but its almost like admitting defeat 😉

We already did that episode though…

You’ve played Knifey Spooney before!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Me admit defeat? That’s unpossible!

Have this one:

That fancy yacht? A bargain…because it smells like cat piss.

Crowd: Ooooh!

And those beautiful women? They used to be men.

Comment by Will

The suit, a bargain…because someone died in it!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh and the best Ralph line ever:

“Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Got to agree. Now, I need to stop posting Simpsons quotes for a bit, because I’m buggering off into town.

See you lot later.

Comment by Will

Toodlepip Neighbourino

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh my god, I have no idea what you’re all talking about, but it looks like fun.
And working from home is great. I swear I get more done.

Comment by NP

You must be a British robot then Rob given you’re not that efficient, a bit rusty in places and prone to stopping work if the conditions aren’t just right. And if Marcus is reading this, I’m still working on the ”project”, so if you could please give me a few more days I’d be grateful. I would have emailed but my system has crashed and Rob is MIA at the moment.

Comment by George

I am NOT missing in action, I am at home – so call me you lazy, melodramatic sod!

Comment by Rob

George, I have received a letter from “the management” stating it’s a no-go.

Comment by Marcus Brown

whatever it is that’s a ‘no-go’ marcus, it’s shit. you’ve been very cryptic about it all, but i hope that something works out eventually.
will and rob m – you guys are a nightmare when you get together!!
working from home was always a difficult task for me. i was never sure if i was actually getting work done ‘cos i seemed to have much more room to play too. i distinctly remember spending 2 hours voting for sausage against american bacon while i was supposed to be working at home. but then i went to work the next day and managed to get even less done (not to mention the grief of the crushing defeat).

Comment by lauren

Trust me Lauren, working from home is normally a nightmare because the bedroom starts chanting my name within 20 minutes and before I know it, I’ve been mugged and find myself in bed, all cosy reading a book.

The only reason that didn’t happen this time was because my arse was crapping itself so much I wasn’t going to get everything done in time, it suppressed the seduction attempts by my bed.

Does this make sense?

Does any of this ever make sense?

And Marcus – don’t worry about the letter, we’re trying to talk to the Organ Grinder, not the monkey but its still disappointing given we were told to follow that route to success.

Leave it with me. Or better, George.

Sending you an email about the email you sent me, you’ll have it by the time you wake up from the land of Nod!

Comment by Rob

A cyborg, sent from the future on a deadly mission.

Rob Campbell in…
The Procrastinator.

*cue large explosion and Rob in a leather jacket shooting a big gun whilst riding a Harley*

“I’ll be slack.”

Comment by Age

Slacking is under-rated so I thank you for the huuuuuuuuuuuuge compliment.

Comment by Rob

age, you are fucking gold, mate!! LMFAO

Comment by lauren

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